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Amazon Will Destroy More Jobs Than It Could Ever Create

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As Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person in the world, it’s clear Amazon’s retail monopoly benefits him above all others.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Marc Perrone, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), which represents over one million retail workers, released the following statement in response to Amazon’s claims of hiring 50,000 new warehouse workers:

“While Amazon claims they’re creating 50,000 new jobs, they conveniently ignore how their business model, in addition to offering brutal working conditions inside their warehouses, will destroy tens of thousands – if not millions – of retail jobs through automation. 

“Amazon is a retail monopoly that threatens every corner of our nation’s economy. Left unchecked, it will eradicate jobs, small businesses, and countless American retailers across the nation. 

“Sadly, while Jeff Bezos may revel in becoming the richest person in the world, his business and company will be responsible for pushing countless people into poverty. The question now is this: Will America’s leaders have the courage to speak out against the Amazon monopoly, or will they remain silent?” 


  • Public filings show that Amazon played a large role in eliminating more than 50,000 jobs in recent years from Staples, Office Depot, and Best Buy.
  • MarketWatch estimated that Amazon’s dominant growth could cause as many as 1.5 million retail jobs to be lost within five years.
  • An investigation from ProPublica showed that Amazon routinely favored their own, more expensive listings, or Amazon-made products, over those from smaller sellers.


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Win of the Week! July 23-29

SEIU West -

A member was called into an investigation meeting regarding events that took place outside the workplace. The union was able to protect the member’s confidentiality and at the same time, recommend services for mental health and addictions instead of disciplinary actions. The way to recovery is support, not penalization. Way to go team!


Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -

Dear MAHCP members,

Over the past few weeks, we have learned that some of our members have been told that their jobs/positions are being deleted in the re-structuring of the WRHA by their managers.

This has been taking place in conversations, with no formal, written notice of the deletions being provided to our members, nor to your Association.

The process that should have been followed is:

  • Notice of any deletions be served to MAHCP first.
  • No member will receive notice of deletion before the MAHCP has received notice in terms of the timeline and numbers of affected members.
  • Discussions on the best way to have the least impact on affected members as a result of these changes are ongoing and shall be completed before notice to members is given or the strict application of the collective agreement shall apply.
  • Timelines for deletions will coincide with an agreement on process between the WRHA and MAHCP.

We are aware that managers have been informing members of deletions, however, until there is formal notice to the correct parties it is not considered notice.

If you have been informed that your job/position is being deleted, verbal or otherwise, please let us know at as soon as possible.

In solidarity,