PATHS: Donations Welcome!

Due to our close relationship with PATHS and their incredible efforts to make our communities safer, we encourage SEIU-West members to make a donation in order to support those who suffer from domestic violence. Click here for their 2017 Wish List – we hope you can bring a requested item (or two!) to any SEIU-West office – we will be collecting donations until September 5, 2017

Member of Distinction – Spring/Summer 2017

Let’s give Tammy the pat on the back she deserves for dedicating her time and effort in her extracurricular activities. We are all citizens of our communities and Tammy sets an excellent example for us to follow. Congratulations Tammy on this Member of Distinction Award and thank you for all the work you do!

Win of the Week! August 13-19

This week, the Minister of Health announced that the proposed budget cuts to Community Based Organizations (CBOs) will no longer take place! Thanks to the collective efforts of people across Saskatchewan, the pressure to reverse cruel budget decisions is working.

‘MLA Madness’ Summer of Action: Contest!

Throughout the months of July and August, we challenge each SEIU-West Unit to have members connect with their MLA every week. That could be a phone call, a phone zap where everyone at the workplace calls the same MLA, an email, a meeting, a conversation, a rally in front of an MLA office – you name it!

Submission: Saskatchewan Ground Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Stakeholder Consultation

Beyond our mandate and legal duty to advocate on behalf of our members and improve their wages, benefits and working conditions, SEIU-West strives to lead the way to a more just and humane society. We stand for economic and social justice, for dignity and respect, for having a voice on the job and in society, and for a secure job with the opportunity to advance. This mission heavily informs the recommendations in our EMS Stakeholder Consultation Submission

Submission: Workers’ Compensation Board Governance and Appeals Consultation Process

SEIU-West recognizes the importance of continually seeking to improve the governance and appeals processes of the Workers' Compensation Board. Yet the pursuit of improvement must be driven above all by the needs of the injured worker: to count as an improvement, changes in WCB structures or processes must smooth the injured worker's access to much needed benefits, by ensuring that the appeal process is as comprehensible and timely as possible.

Win of the Week! August 6-12

We had a fantastic report from member leaders who collected hundreds of petitions to support local jobs and economies and then hand delivered them to their MLA. Awesome win of the week!

SFL Convention 2017: Apply Now!

SEIU-West is sponsoring up to 30 SEIU-West delegates to attend. We will cover registration costs, lost wages, and meal expenses for those meals not provided at the convention.

Join the Rally to Repeal the Budget!

The SEIU-West Young Workers Committee invites you to attend the Rally to Repeal the Budget! Together, we deplore the decision-making of the Saskatchewan Government to cut valuable services for the sake of their corporate friends and at the expense of our communities. The Saskatchewan Government must be held to account for their brutal 2017/18 Budget.

Win of the Week! July 30 – August 5

SEIU-West Stewards reported a great win of the week after they effectively represented a member who was improperly overlooked for several overtime shifts. Not only was this member made whole, but the Stewards were able to ensure the employer created a better system for calling staff for overtime shifts. What a wonderful win!

Joint Health Provider Bargaining Update: Strong Coalition Continues with Tough Round of Negotiations

Your SEIU-West, CUPE, and SGEU bargaining committees met with SAHO from July 25 to August 1 in Regina. We were originally scheduled to bargain from July 25 to 27, but we worked through the weekend and into August 1 in an effort to build on momentum that we believed was being generated. As mentioned in our most recent joint update, we presented a comprehensive proposal package to SAHO, which included a letter of understanding (LOU) on the creation of a bargaining association for all three unions and articles designed to bring us to a collective agreement.

JOB POSTING: Casual Administrative Assistant (Moose jaw)

Click to download a printable PDF of this job posting for Casual Administrative Assistant (Moose Jaw). The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is the largest and fastest growing in North America with over 2.1 million members. SEIU-West is the second ...

Health Provider Bargaining Update: collective bargaining with SAHO extended as provider unions table comprehensive proposal package

Your SGEU, CUPE and SEIU-West bargaining committees met, both with our coalition partners and individually, from July 24 to July 30 (inclusive) to develop a comprehensive proposal package for SAHO in an effort to accelerate the bargaining process. The package contains common proposals and some individual union proposals...

MEDIA RELEASE: Key Found: Doors to Variety Place Finally Unlocked!

Outlook – The Direct Care Workers (DCWs) of Variety Place in Outlook are finally back to work after being locked out by their employer for 11 weeks. “We look forward to catching up with our participants and residents,” said Carmela Verwimp, SEIU-West Unit Chair of Variety Place. “It’s been...

Coming Soon: SAHO Bargaining Update Meetings

Your SAHO Bargaining Team will be coming to your facility/community over the course of the coming weeks to talk about how the negotiations are going and listen to your questions regarding bargaining. Meetings will be held between...

Win of the Week! July 23-29

A member was called into an investigation meeting regarding events that took place outside the workplace. The union was able to protect the member’s confidentiality and at the same time, recommend services for mental health and addictions instead of disciplinary actions. The way to recovery is support, not penalization. Way to go team!

Submission: Consultation on Interpersonal Violence and Employment Leaves

SEIU-West was invited by the Minister of Labour Relations & Workplace Safety to participate in the consultation process on interpersonal violence and the impact in the workplace. SEIU-West’s Young Worker Committee (YWC) has worked tirelessly with other allies in the community, including the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and Provincial Association of Transition Houses & Services of Saskatchewan (PATHS) to raise public awareness about domestic violence. Together, we see the need for improved workplace safety and secure funding for those agencies who provide necessary community supports for the victims of domestic violence.

Join an SEIU-West Committee: Deadline Fast Approaching!

SEIU-West Committees keep us at the forefront of the Labour movement in Canada, and provide an excellent opportunity for members to learn from each other. Committee members serve for two years, and we have now approached the end of a two-year term so we are requesting SEIU-West members and all current committee members to submit their Expressions of Interest should they wish to serve or remain on committees.