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Labour News Update: June 26, 2017

| Chronicle Herald strike | Grenfell fire | Austerity in Saskatchewan | Tentative agreement reached with PWL Cold Lake | Maritime forestry workers rally for fair trade for softwood | RBC cuts 450 jobs | Possible LCBO strike | Hamilton transit union fights outsourcing |… Read More

Weekend Video: Strike in Town

This short film depicts the act of collective bargaining common to Canadian industry and shows how it affected a union, a company and a community. In Strike in Town the events that led to a deadlock in negotiations between management and employees at a furniture… Read More

Victims of UPS’s deadly drive for profit

On June 14, a 38-year-old United Parcel Service driver, Jimmy Lam, shot and killed three co-workers, wounded two others and then killed himself at the UPS hub in San Francisco in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. This tragedy is obviously upsetting for those of us who… Read More

The Effectiveness of Random Testing at the TTC

By Donna Burman It has been  just over one month since the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) implemented random testing in safety sensitive positions. In that time, five employees have tested positive for alcohol or drug impairment. This pro-active approach seemed to stop impairment before safety… Read More

Labour News Update: June 19 2017

Vancouver workers mark public service week with Phoenix pay system protest | Construction union, Assembly of First Nations sign pact to promote Indigenous workforce | Sabotaged cars and threats of assault: Why CUPE felt it had to take control of Montreal’s blue-collar union | Union… Read More

Weekend Video: How Green Was My Valley

The 1941 film How Green Was My Valley, directed by John Ford, revolves around the life of the Morgans, a Welsh mining family, as told through the eyes of its youngest child Huw. Over the years, the family struggles to survive through unionization, strikes, and… Read More

Impact of Bill 17 on Alberta farms and ranches

By Bob Barnetson Last week, Alberta passed Bill 17, which made important (but not earth-shattering) changes to the Employment Standards Code and Labour Relations Code. While there was little public discussion of it, this Act also affected farms and ranches. Agriculture was brought into the… Read More

15 & Change: Grading retail workplaces

By Daniel Tseghay Retail workers are some of the most precarious, lowest paid, and mistreated employees. Few are unionized and current employment standards leave many unprotected, as Rankandfile.ca detailed recently. But while the push for legislative changes to protect workers continues, Vancouver Island’s Retail Action… Read More

Deadly dust in the TTC

By Roger Schmidt, a retired TTC worker. As early as 2004 the TTC has tested and knows full well that the Wilson carhouse has airborne particulate matter tied to the “blowdown” to clean the underside of the revenue cars. The first testing was done at… Read More

Labour News Update: June 12, 2017

| Quebec construction strike | $15 and Fairness | Lockout in small town Saskatchewan | Presenting your grievance to management | Davis Day | Hospital workers rally for increased funding | Possible LCBO strike | Remembering Stan Raper | NAFTA’s dirty secret | Jail sentence… Read More

Weekend Video: Bill C-27’s attack on pensions

The Ottawa Committee for Pension Security (OCPS) co-hosted a panel discussion with the Congress of Union Retirees about Bill C-27, a bill that will give employers the tools they need to dump their defined benefit pension plan guaranteed promises, including the benefits already earned and… Read More

Quebec construction workers fighting for work-life balance

By Nora Loreto On May 24, about 175,000 construction workers from across Quebec walked off their construction sites. The workers called an unlimited general strike, and construction across the province stopped. During the strike week, thousands of workers protested in Quebec City, plastering the streets… Read More

Lockout in small town Saskatchewan

By Denise Leduc On May 21, After being at the bargaining table for almost four years, workers at Variety Place in Outlook, Saskatchewan were locked out by their employer. Variety Place is an organization that provides residence and day programs for individuals with physical and… Read More

$15 and Fairness shakes up Ontario

By David Bush The Fight for $15 and Fairness scored a big victory on May 30 when the Ontario Liberals announced they would raise the minimum wage to $15 by January 1, 2019. The Liberals also announced a slew of other legislative changes they will… Read More

Presenting your grievance to management

By Jose Lizarraga You’ve filed a good grievance—but the work needed to be done to win it has just begun. How you present your grievance can mean the difference between winning or losing. The timing and kind of grievance meeting you have will depend on your… Read More