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From Listening Cafes to Action!

SEIU West -

A particular highlight was the SEIU-West led Day of Action to Support Local Jobs and Economies on May 17. Purple organized actions across Saskatchewan – from Kindersley to Saskatoon, from Eastend to Moose Jaw, from Cabri to Watson, members came out in full force to ensure our government understands the impact that a cut to our wages can have on our local communities. If we have 3.5% less, our local grocery has 3.5% less. Is this really the legacy this government wants to leave behind?

Cape’s Corner

SEIU West -

The top end of the pay scale is $17.49/hour – they do much of the exact same work as a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) – but get paid substantially less. They face many of the safe workplace challenges that we do in other sectors: violent residents, unsafe equipment (or lack of equipment) and funding shortfalls that cripple their ability to provide quality nutrition or programming. But still - $17.49/hour!

U.S. Tables NAFTA Negotiating Position: Time for Canada to Respond


“Regarding the labour provisions, it’s a step in the right direction to see that the U.S. government is promoting core ILO standards such as the right to collective bargaining. And the proposal that labour and environmental standards should be enforceable is also a positive development. But the other language makes the burden of proof too high, and the scope too limited. No labour violation complaint would ever be successful if violations of labour rights must be proven in a ‘sustained or recurring’ manner, and the environmental provisions offer no objective standards to enforce. And all these obligations should not merely apply in a manner affecting trade or investment.” — Larry Brown

Statement on new BC Government

Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC -

Jul 18, 2017 FPSE News

On July 18, 2017, Premier John Horgan and his cabinet were sworn-in and are now the official new government of British Columbia. Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC President George Davison was in attendance to witness this historic moment, and had the following to say on behalf of the Federation:

“Over the past 16 years, government funding of post-secondary education has massively declined, placing an unsustainable burden on students and families across BC. On behalf of the member locals of our federation, we welcome The Honourable Melanie Mark, M.L.A., to her new role as Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. We are confident that the new government is committed to improving the lives of all British Columbians with a renewed commitment to providing better choices and opportunities in post-secondary education.”

We look forward to working with the minister on issues such as free access to Adult Basic Education and ESL, reducing student debt including the elimination of interest on student loans, support for rural colleges, and indigenization of the curriculum.

FPSE has always worked to ensure post-secondary education remains affordable and accessible and that it meets the needs of people throughout the province. We look forward to working with Premier Horgan and his government to address the challenges ahead.

Home emails needed to vote in MAHCP Vice-Presidential election

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -

Dear MAHCP members,

We want your say! This September, MAHCP will be holding an election for Vice-President, and we need your current home or personal email addresses.

The reason is simple: in 2016, MAHCP moved to electronic voting to give as many members as possible the chance to vote in as convenient and easy a manner as possible.

This initiative has proven successful, as we’ve had more engagement in votes involving electronic ballots.

Informing us can easily be done by sending an email from your home or personal address to info@mahcp.ca and including your full name (so our staff can find you in our database to update an email or add you to our database).

Please share this information with as many of your MAHCP colleagues as possible so that we have as many members as possible voting in this important election!

Also, please make sure to check your spam folder, as sometimes MAHCP emails end up there, even though our staff tries to avoid this as much as possible from our end.

The MAHCP Vice Presidential election will run Sept. 5-12, and a VP Debate will take place from 5-7 p.m. on Aug. 30 at Canad Inns HSC. For those members who can’t attend the debate in-person, it will be recorded and available for viewing soon after.

There are two candidates running for Vice President: Tanya Burnside and Janet Fairbairn. Their bios are available on the MAHCP website: http://mahcp.ca/2017-mahcp-vice-presidential-election/


Thank you,

Michael Kleiman
Chair- Nominations Committee

MAHCP President continues to push for Labour Adjustment Strategy

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -


Today, MAHCP representatives met with the Provincial Health Labour Relations Services (PHLRS.) The purpose of this meeting was to begin procedural discussions regarding impacts of the WRHA announced changes on our members. The PHRLS is the body responsible for all labour relations matters within Manitoba’s Health system.
We were expecting to be provided with specific information that would allow us to understand the Labour Adjustment Strategy (number of positions affected and/or deleted, vacancy opportunities, etc.) However, no details were provided which resulted in a conceptual discussion around how we can best minimize the impact on members as these changes are rolled out.
There is another meeting being scheduled where we have been told that this information will be available to us. Without this specific level of information, it is not possible for us to meaningfully discuss what processes would look like.
I am aware that specific individuals have been informally notified by managers that their positions will be deleted because of these changes. Please feel free to email me or your Labour Relations Officer if you have had this conversation with your manager.
Once we have the details regarding the actual staffing impacts, we will be arranging member meetings where we can discuss these changes and how MAHCP will continue to ensure your employment rights are being respected.
More information will be shared early next week as we receive a clearer picture of the entire situation.
In the meantime, MAHCP will continue to publicly demand answers from government about how privatizing outpatient services and causing chaos within the system benefits Manitobans.

In Solidarity,
Bob Moroz
MAHCP President