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Dental Plan Negotiations Update


We met the employer in May.  We had some further discussion about our priorities to improve the plan, and on how we can update the plan document.  The employer was not prepared at that time to give us a response on our proposals.  We...

Shouldn't your retirement be secure?


These days, fewer and fewer jobs offer any sort of retirement plan – leaving more people feeling insecure and worrying about their futures. Shouldn’t government be building back retirement security for hard working Canadians? Learn more:...

CLC-UWCC Post-Secondary Scholarship


Young workers today are facing many social and workplace issues. However, many have taken these challenges as an opportunity to create positive change, and to impact their communities for the better.

MAHCP President’s message on Public Sector Unions’ filing for Injunction

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -


Today I attended a press conference with fellow Public Sector union leaders and the Manitoba Federation of Labour on the filing of an Injunction and Statement of Claim against Bill 28: the Public Services Sustainability Act.

MAHCP is a member of the Partnership to Defend Public Services (PDPS). The PDPS represents more than 110,000 workers in Manitoba.

The Public Services Sustainability Act, also known as Bill 28, undermines the process of meaningful, good faith bargaining by preventing public sector unions from negotiating the terms of conditions of employment for public sector workers.

This is a right that we as unions take seriously and are prepared to defend.

Today’s media release is here.


In Solidarity,

Bob Moroz

MAHCP President


An Open Letter to Variety Place Board Members

SEIU West -

Given your refusal to allow us time on your June 26, 2017 Board of Directors meeting agenda, we have opted for an alternate method of communication. We are determined to share information that sets out the perspective of our members who remain locked out from Variety Place Association Inc. The following questions are intended to share the insight of our members who would describe a lack of dignity and respect displayed by the management in ongoing interactions with our members.