2016 CALM Awards winners | PRIX de l'ACPS : les gagnants

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The Ed Finn Award for the best feature story

Staff produced

Health Services Association of Alberta

“Healing Power” by Terry Inigo-Jones

Volunteer produced

Unifor Local 1-S, Pat Crossman


Best photography

Staff produced

Hospital Employees' Union 

Name of Photographer: Caelie Frampton


Volunteer produced

Unifor Local 88

Photographer: Krista Muirhead


The Freeperson Award for best cartoon, illustration or infographic

Staff produced

British Columbia Teachers’ Federation for "Mentorship Confidential"


Volunteer produced

OPSEU Local 558


The Morden Lazarus Prize for best editorial, column, or opinion piece that thoughtfully argues labour’s position on an issue

OPSEU Local 558


The Cliff Scotton Prize for a narrative, video, audio or visual that reflects history, traditions and culture of the labour movement

Canadian Union of Public Employees, Equality History digital timeline


The Fighting Oppression Award (for a communications initiative that raises consciousness and contributes to struggles against racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and other forms of oppression and discrimination.)

With Project Heart: Illuminating the hidden history of Indian Residential Schools in BC, British Columbia Teachers’ Federation


Best Campaign

Alberta Federation of Labour


The Katie FitzRandolph Award for best overall regular print publication

Staff produced:



Volunteer produced:

CUPW’s Edmonton Local’s publication, InsideOut


Rosemarie Bahr Excellence in Layout and Design

Staff produced:

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees for Direct Impact


Volunteer produced:

OPSEU Local 415 for Local Lines


Best Short Video

Teamsters Local 1999, for both their English and French short videos:




Honourable mention:

Fédération autonome de l'enseignement : profmatic 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9w9VsRqU4s


Best Documentary

SEIU Healthcare for "Organize. Empower. Grow"  


Honourable mention:

Ontario Nurses' Association for 

The Tragedy of Lori Dupont: Ten Years Later



Best Audio

Ontario Nurses' Association for The Long Day / ER Nurse (scroll down): http://www.morenurses.ca/campaign-media/à


Best Hardcopy Promotional Material


Cast Your Future

Dennis McGann Stroke-of-Genius Award

Ontario Nurses’ Association’s Our Nurses Know campaign


Best Poster

Staff produced:





Volunteer produced:

Unifor Local 5555


Best website design

Staff produced: OPSEU: https://www.opseu.org/

Volunteer produced: OPSEU Local 110: www.opseu110.ca


Best website content

Staff produced: OPSEU: https://www.opseu.org/

Volunteer produced: OPSEU Local 558: http://www.opseu558.org


Best use of social media

Staff produced: Public Service Alliance of Canada: https://twitter.com/psacnat

Honourable mention: Alberta Union of Provincial Employees


Volunteer produced: OPSEU 415