2019 CALM Conference Workshop list

The full list of workshops is still be confirmed. Check back regularly to see new workshops that have been confirmed!

Tasia Brown
"The best free tools to mobilize and reach your members"


Ethan Clarke

"Reaching your audience through email"


Ethan Clarke
"Every good website needs..."


Chelsea Connor

"Remain cool in a media crisis"


Brianne Goertzen

"How to fight the employer's message when he is gaslighting the union"

Alternative facts – the gaslight reality: Join fellow participants as we explore gaslighting in the Canadian context. Learn what gaslighting is, how it is impacting the Canadian landscape and what you can do to extinguish the flame of a dangerous new tactic in messaging.


Liz Kessler

"Beyond small fixes: making union events and campaigns more accessible"


Krishna Labiharie

"Maintaining your union's brand while designing new campaigns"
Nora Loreto

"Protecting our members and ourselves: security and privacy for unions"

How has your union adapted to privacy legislation ... or has it? Nora will examine what the law says about your responsibility to protect your members' data, and how to use it in a way that ensures that ensures consent on the part of your member.


Lisa Snider

"Breaking Down Barriers: An introduction to digital accessibility"

Interested in learning the basics about how to start lowering barriers for people with disabilities in your digital materials, such as newsletters, websites and social media posts?

Come to this beginner to intermediate level presentation, and learn some of the basics about digital accessibility. You will learn more about: the importance and benefits of digital accessibility, the basics of Canadian accessibility legislation, how some people access digital materials, including a live assistive technology demonstration, and practical tips on how to start lowering barriers and make digital materials more accessible for people with different disabilities.

No technical expertise is required, just an interest in the subject.