2019 CALM Conference Workshop List

Advanced Communicator’s day is a 1-day intensive workshop on June 6, that allows delegates to learn a new skill.  There is an additional fee for delegates who wish to attend the advanced communicators day.

Check back regularly to see new workshops that have been confirmed!

Ateliers en français

Bâtir un mouvement de résistance face aux conservateurs avec Anne-Marie Roy

De l’Alberta à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, des gouvernements conservateurs sont au pouvoir et s’attaquent aux droits des travailleurs/lleuses et à nos services publics. Cet atelier nous permettra de réfléchir à ce que nous pouvons faire pour bâtir un mouvement de résistance pour défendre le syndicalisme et nos services publics de façon efficace et durable. 

Il faut en rire: l’art de l’humour syndical avec Mathieu Murphy-Perron

Les syndicalistes passent souvent pour des gros durs qui se prennent trop au sérieux. Pourtant, c’est loin d’être la réalité. Cet atelier propose des stratégies pour défaire cette image en utilisant l’humour pour aider à faire passer nos messages.

Traduire: les mots ou les idées avec Brahim Ould Baba

Pour les syndicats qui travaillent dans les deux langues, le travail de traduction peut-être à la fois compliqué et important. Brahim Ould Baba va présenter des idées par rapport à comment garder le sens de nos slogans et nos publications afin d’assurer que le message passe aussi bien en français qu’en anglais.

Montage photo rapido-presto : comment tirer le meilleur de votre téléphone mobile avec Mathieu Murphy-Perron

Le meilleur appareil photo sera toujours celui que tu as sur toi. Cet atelier vise à vous introduire à la puissance surprenante de votre téléphone mobile et aux astuces et application qui améliorent largement la qualité de vos images. (Atelier principalement destiné aux utilisateurs et utilisatrices d’iPhone)


Online organizing

The best free tools to mobilize and reach your members with Tasia Brown
Nothing beats face-to-face meetings, but more and more rank and file members can be found online where graphics do the convincing and content is king. We’ll explore a range of digital communication tools that will help you build a strong network of activists both regionally and nationally. We will also look at the best online software to develop quality content to engage your members. Best for unions and locals that have small budgets and are short on resources, find out how you can create captivating digital content for less than your responsibly sourced cup of coffee.

Building power one email at a time with Ethan Clarke
Email is still the most effective digital channel for communicating with and organizing supporters. What are some best practices for building the effectiveness of your email list? This workshop will help you get your list really humming. 

Your website, your home base with Ethan Clarke

Web sites serve as the centre of your communication and organizing efforts. How do you get the best website possible? What content should you have? How should you work with an outside vendor? What platform should you use? We’ll discuss these questions and more so you can get the best website possible for your needs. 

Protecting our members and ourselves: security and privacy for unions with Nora Loreto
How has your union adapted to privacy legislation … or has it? Nora will examine what the law says about your responsibility to protect your members’ data, and how to use it in a way that ensures consent on the part of your member.

Editing on the fly: how to get the most out of mobile photography with Mathieu Murphy-Perron

The best camera is always the one you have on you. This workshop will aim to expose the surprising power of your mobile device and the tricks and apps that will vastly improve your visual storytelling. This workshop will be most suited for iPhone users.


Media relations

Remain cool in a media crisis with Chelsea Connor
Have you ever found yourself in the centre of a media firestorm? In this workshop, you will learn some of the best practices to handle a media crisis, effectively control the message and ensure that your side of the story is clear and compelling.

Tips for publishing Opinion-Editorials with Amira Elghawaby

Everybody is doing it — sharing their opinions on every possible topic under the sun. Whether on social media, or by the water cooler, everyone has a perspective. Join us for a workshop on how to craft commentary pieces that get your viewpoints out into the world and everyone talking about them.


Improve local communications

Media Supports for Marginalized/Vulnerable/Threatened Communities with Krishna Lalbiharie
This workshop focuses on coalition-building and union supports for systemically marginalized/vulnerable/threatened communities via media, marketing, messaging and design. This session draws upon current Canadian campaigns in respect of Indigenous rights, MMIWG advocacy and refugee/newcomer activism — this, whilst alongside addressing the worrying rise of extreme Right, xenophobic movements in Canada and beyond.

Breaking Down Barriers: An introduction to digital accessibility with Lisa Snider
Interested in learning the basics about how to start lowering barriers for people with disabilities in your digital materials, such as newsletters, websites and social media posts?

Come to this beginner to intermediate level presentation, and learn some of the basics about digital accessibility. You will learn more about: the importance and benefits of digital accessibility, the basics of Canadian accessibility legislation, how some people access digital materials, including a live assistive technology demonstration, and practical tips on how to start lowering barriers and make digital materials more accessible for people with different disabilities.

No technical expertise is required, just an interest in the subject.

Portraits, not as hard as you think! with Abdul Malik
In this workshop, Abdul will go over the process of creating, developing and producing excellent portraits of individual and group subjects that could be used in print, online or in campaign materials. This includes posing, communicating, getting nice reactions, finding light and framing your subjects in a way that communicates your intention. The workshop will focus on 1:1 engagement and development of relationships and emotional truth in a time sensitive environment. 

Writing for traditional and social media with Karen Tankard
Learn conversational writing – a versatile writing style that can be used for speeches, blogs, newsletters, digital shareables, member relationship management emails, and micro websites. Bring a tablet or computer (if you can) and some writing samples you can email in txt, pages or ms-word, and we’ll ‘conversationalize’ them.

Seeding ideas & weeding out the clutter: write, re-write, edit with Karen Tankard
This workshop will teach you how to get ideas up on the screen, develop them, eliminate clutter and fine tune your written messaging for your target audience. We’ll be using conversational writing style to guide us. Bring a tablet or computer (if you can) and some writing samples you can email in txt, pages or ms-word, and we can work with them.

Video: shoot, edit and publish with Craig Adolphe

This workshop will cover how to shoot, edit, and publish video online. The subject matter will be generalized and be applicable to both news video as well as promotional videos. Participants will learn how to plan a video, set up a shot, conduct a video interview, edit raw footage, and publish content online, receiving both tips and a visual walkthrough of each step. Participants will also learn about how what equipment to use, pitfalls to avoid, and realistic timelines for production. No prior experience with videography required. No equipment is required for the workshop, but discussion and demonstrations of editing will be centred on Adobe Premiere Pro.


Building workers’ power
Labour journalism as a political organizing tool with Emily Leedham

Emily will explore how to use labour journalism to develop strategy and build solidarity among rank-and-file workers.

Beyond small fixes: making union events and campaigns more accessible with Liz Kessler
In this workshop, delegates will explore ways in which to improve your events’ and campaigns’ accessibility. Liz will explore ways in which able-bodied union activists miss important accessibility improvements, and will offer ideas and tools to help break down your union’s barriers.

Collective Art Build with Spark Poster Designers
Come and learn the basics of T-shirt art — from stencils to basic silk screening, this interactive art-build will be a fun and engaging workshop that will teach as it builds. It is strongly encouraged that you bring a T-shirt for this workshop. Bring two or more if your union has them.

How to fight the employer’s message when he is gaslighting the union with Brianne Goertzen
Alternative facts – the gaslight reality: Join fellow participants as we explore gaslighting in the Canadian context. Learn what gaslighting is, how it is impacting the Canadian landscape and what you can do to extinguish the flame of a dangerous new tactic in messaging.

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