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Come to Regina

Unifor -

Unifor is asking all locals across Canada to send as many members as possible to Regina starting January 19, 2020.

Their greedy employer has locked out nearly 800 Unifor Local 594 members since December 5, 2019. The Co-op Refinery makes $3 million dollars a day in profits. Last year, the Co-op parent company, Federated Co-operatives Limited earned more than $9.2 billion dollars. Yet the Co-op wants to cut the pensions of their loyal, hardworking employees by half, despite promising that these pensions would be protected in the last round of bargaining.

Help us fightback against the Co-op, which is acting like a greedy corporate bully.

Please contact your Local Union President for more details. If your president is not available, please email

For tips on what to pack for a prairie picket line watch this video.

If you can’t join us in Regina, you can still help by going to to add your name to the pledge to boycott all Co-op retailers until our members get a fair deal.

Toronto Uber drivers first to apply for unionization in Canada

UFCW Canada -

Toronto – January 13, 2020 – UFCW Canada has applied to the Ontario Labour Relations Board to unionize Uber Black limousine and SUV drivers in Toronto. The more than 300 drivers work in and out of Pearson International Airport and downtown Toronto. They could become the first ride-sharing workers in Canada to gain union representation.

Solidarity action: Boycott Co-op

Unifor -

Nearly 800 members of Unifor Local 594 at the Co-op Refinery in Regina have been locked out for more than a month after the employer went after their pension plan.

Local 594 members have been fighting a courageous fight on a 24-7 picket line in bitterly cold conditions to defend what is rightfully theirs. This month Unifor will be escalating job action to pressure the company to get back to the table and drop their concessions.

Every message of solidarity is meaningful and deeply appreciated by these members. Please print off the poster below and take a photo with your various bargaining committees. Send photos as soon as possible to

Download your poster here.

There are many other ways for Unifor members to get involved and show their support. Visit to learn more.