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FPSE endorses Cronk and Skidmore

Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC -

Nov 19, 2018 FPSE News

Vancouver, BC, Nov 19, 2018 – The Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC have endorsed Laird Cronk and Sussanne Skidmore in their bid for the positions of BC Federation of Labour president and secretary-treasurer.

“I can’t think of a better team to be able to continue the work of the BCFED under outgoing president and secretary-treasurer Irene Lanzinger and Aaron Ekman than Laird and Sussanne. Their complementary skills and experiences make them the right candidates to take on the leadership of the BCFED,” said FPSE president George Davison.

“The BCFED provides an important voice for the workers of our province and has proved to be an effective advocate for both union and non-union workers through campaigns like Fight for 15. I would like to thank Irene and Aaron for their thoughtful and principled leadership which has served our movement and our province so well,” continued Davison.

FPSE secretary-treasurer Terri Van Steinburg added that Laird and Sussanne’s private and public sector union knowledge, as well as their history of supporting social justice movements, are the right combination at the right time.

“Laird and Sussanne’s depth of knowledge of all aspects of the labour movement will be a tremendous asset in making sure all workers in BC are respected and treated fairly. The previous government caused a lot of damage to protections that used to exist for workers. Laird and Sussanne know this and have shown their commitment to repairing this damage and making sure all people are safe, respected, and fairly compensated on the job. I’m proud to support their candidacy for BCFED president and secretary-treasurer,” concluded Van Steinburg.

FPSE represents 10,000 educators in BC public and private post-secondary institutions.


Unifor Local 4003 drivers demand clean up of CN’s Brampton rail yard

Unifor -

Members of Unifor Unifor Local 4003 who drive trucks for Canadian National Transportation Limited are demanding an end to unacceptable working conditions at the Brampton rail yard.

“This protest is about access to sanitary washrooms and respect in the workplace,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “Our members have had enough and are taking a stand against this employer.”

290 drivers say the portable washrooms they are expected to use have no running water or heat and they are not emptied or cleaned regularly.  The independent owner-operators who are members of Local 4003 began an information picket four weeks ago and are holding a rally November 21 outside the yard.

“Other rail yard employees and managers have access to proper indoor washrooms,” said Kirandeep Gill, Local Chairperson who has worked for CNTL for 24 years in Brampton. “But the porta potties that we drivers must use are disgusting and unsafe, this has to stop.”

“The yard is congested and these drivers can be waiting to load for two hours and it is inhumane not to have access to proper washroom facilities,” said Wesley Gajda, Unifor Council 4000 Regional Representative.

Workers are also protesting unsafe working conditions. For example, in dry conditions, the dust is so thick drivers must wear masks when they pick up loads, and large potholes are left unrepaired and cause injuries and vehicle damage. They are also concerned about electrical wires connecting heated containers being left on the ground in wet weather.

“When you have a workplace with this laundry list of complaints it is time for the employer to take immediate action. These conditions will not be tolerated,” said Naureen Rizvi, Ontario Regional Director.

The workers say management is unwilling to address these issues, and workers are also concerned about bullying and intimidation in the workplace as drivers who complain feel targeted.

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Manitoba Health Coalition holding special meeting on Nov. 22

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -

The Manitoba Health Coalition, of which MAHCP is a founding member, is holding a special meeting to vote on bylaws, approve its first board, and set the direction of the organization’s advocacy work.

This special meeting takes place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018, at 823 Ellice Ave.

The Manitoba Health Coalition (MHC) will have a keynote speaker for the special meeting, Natalie Mehra, who is the Executive Director of the Ontario Health Coalition. There’s parking on site, and snacks and drinks will be provided.

MAHCP President Bob Moroz has been encouraging members to join the MHC, and many members-at-large as well as MAHCP board members and staff have done so.

Brianne Goertzen, Executive Director of the MHC, was featured as the keynote speaker at MAHCP’s AGM on Oct. 11, 2018.

All those interested in becoming a member of the MHC can do so on site at Thursday’s meeting or online at

The MHC is a non-partisan, broad-based collection of organizations and individuals, united to advocate for the preservation and improvement of our public health care system.