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MGEU Continues to Grow as Largest CFS Union in the Province

Manitoba Government & General Employees Union -

Manitoba’s largest union continues to grow as 16 Child and Family Services Western workers at the Emergency Placement Resource Centre (EPR) in Brandon chose the MGEU, making them the union’s newest Local. The MGEU currently represents other CFS Western members at the child treatment assessment centres (known officially as Cypress House and Patrick House) as well as the majority of those in child and family services across Manitoba – including approximately 225 members who work directly for the Province and over 700 other members who work in outside agencies.

Promises made, promises broken in Conservatives’ fall economic update


“People earning minimum wage will get a tiny tax cut, but it will be peanuts compared to what they would have received if the government hadn’t canceled the $15 minimum wage. It’s disgusting that they’re trumpeting themselves as champions of ‘the little guy’ while stealing from their pockets.” — Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida, OPSEU First Vice-President Treasurer

Democrats raise same concerns about USMCA as Canadian labour


“The USMCA won’t fix the long-term problems with NAFTA that have caused so much grief. We’ll still lose factories to right-to-work states, and we’ll still face wage stagnation caused by direct competition with countries that have lower wages, both the US and Mexico.” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

Green Life Environmental Services workers negotiating first contract

Unifor -

Workers seek wage improvements and better employer relations at Green Life Environmental Services (GFL) in Windsor as they pursue a first agreement contract with the employer.

On October 22, Unifor filed a no board report and will be eligible to set a strike deadline late in December.

GFL has been contracted to collect garbage by the City of Windsor from 2010 to 2024. When that contract ends, it will be put out to tender.

“Outsourcing good, municipal unionized jobs was a bad idea to begin with. The city put themselves in this position. They outsourced their garbage collection and this is all part of the process," said Doug Boughner, Local 444 Third Vice President. “We are doing our best to reach an agreement that meets our members’ needs and gives them the job security they deserve.  Our intention is to get a deal with this company and build a relationship with them," he said.

44 workers at GFL joined Unifor last May as Local 444 members.

Unifor members at Saskatoon Radisson ratify new contract

Unifor -

SASKATOON—Members of Unifor Local 650 will see economic and safety gains after ratifying a four-year collective agreement with the Radisson Hotel Saskatoon on November 7.

“Unifor is a union for hotel workers,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “Right across the country, Unifor members like these skilled negotiators at the Radisson are making real gains for hotel workers.”

The new agreement includes wage increases of 7.5% and clearer guidelines for treatment of banquet staff gratuities. Unifor was also successful at negotiation stronger protections against harassment and benefits gains including paid days off, crisis leave, and improved optical coverage.

“New limits on housekeeping workloads and improved scheduling language are welcomed news for our hardworking members,” said Kelly Ries, Unifor Local 650 President. “Should the minimum wage raise during the life of the collective agreement, the employer agreed to discuss all wage classifications​.”

Radisson workers also gained new access to a workplace Women’s Advocate.

Unifor Local 650 represents 123 workers at the Radisson in housekeeping; banquets, kitchen and in-room dining; front desk; the Aroma Resto Bar; maintenance; and the fitness facilities.