Manitoba Government & General Employees Union

Manitoba Government to Lay Off Translators

Continuing with their cuts to the Civil Service, the Manitoba Government has announced that it will be eliminating eight translator positions as of March 29, 2019, which also happens to be the date that the “no lay-off” clause of the current Civil Service collective agreement expires.

Sign the Petition to Keep Churchill’s Liquor Mart Public

The province is shutting down Churchill, Manitoba’s only public Liquor Mart, eliminating quality jobs in this northern community. For many years, our public Liquor Marts have balanced great selection and competitive pricing with social responsibility. Let’s continue to put the health of our communities and public safety before profits. Let’s keep Churchill’s Liquor Mart public! Please sign the petition.

Throne Speech Raises Questions about Plans for the Civil Service

Today the Pallister Government unveiled its Speech from the Throne. Often referred to as a provincial blueprint, it’s as chance for government to lay out their priorities and direction for the year ahead. Today’s speech contained concerning language around advancing transformation of public services with a new Public Service Act.

MGEU Continues to Grow as Largest CFS Union in the Province

Manitoba’s largest union continues to grow as 16 Child and Family Services Western workers at the Emergency Placement Resource Centre (EPR) in Brandon chose the MGEU, making them the union’s newest Local. The MGEU currently represents other CFS Western members at the child treatment assessment centres (known officially as Cypress House and Patrick House) as well as the majority of those in child and family services across Manitoba – including approximately 225 members who work directly for the Province and over 700 other members who work in outside agencies.

Government Spends Over $16 million on Private Consultants Rather than Consulting the Frontline

A startling media report has surfaced that shows the Pallister government has spent more than $16 million to date on 20 different studies done by private consultants.“This should be concerning to all Manitobans. This is $16 million that could have been spent on delivering frontline services. Instead, they’re spending our tax dollars to fill the pockets of professional ‘privatizers’,” said MGEU President, Michelle Gawronsky. “The fact that this is only for high profile studies makes you wonder how much more money they’ve wasted trying to justify their cuts to public services and privatization plans.”

Reverse the Cuts to the Compass Residential Youth Program – Sign the Petition

Instead of investing in programs to help our youth, the Pallister government is eliminating supports. Five jobs have been cut from the Compass Residential Youth Program in Portage la Prairie – a unique Addictions Foundation of Manitoba program that helps youth aged 13-17 who are struggling with substance use disorders and mental health problems. Please sign and share the petition to send a message to the Manitoba Government and urge them to reverse these reckless cuts!

Doctors Add Their Voice – Don’t Privatize Air Ambulance Service

This weekend a letter surfaced from 16 medical doctors from the Lifeflight Air Ambulance program highlighting their concerns for patient and staff safety if the service is privatized. The letter offers several criticisms of the government’s plan to privatize Lifeflight. In the letter’s conclusion the doctors emphasize: "We, the medical staff of Lifeflight Manitoba air ambulance, wish to make it clear that we are not prepared to work in an environment that provides substandard patient care and increases risk to patients and providers."

Will Employees be the Ones to Pay for the Government’s Fleet Vehicle Cut?

Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires announced today that the Manitoba government is eliminating 400 vehicles from its government fleet, which she claims will save approximately $2.3 million in operating costs. The move could save money. However, MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky is worried that the savings will come at the employees’ expense.

Bill 29 Commissioner provides update

The MGEU forwarded an update from Robert Pruden, the Bill 29 Commissioner responsible for conducting the health care representation votes, to all MGEU members involved in the votes today.