Manitoba Government & General Employees Union

Job Cuts at Manitoba Agriculture Services Corporation

The Manitoba Government has cut five jobs from the Manitoba Agriculture Services Corporation (MASC) and another four cuts are on the way. A recent news story from a Dauphin radio station brought the issue to light this week. Like civil service job cuts, this too is a result of the government’s austerity-driven mandate to shrink the workforce by eight per cent.

Child welfare unit for newcomers abruptly closed

The specialized child-welfare unit, created in 2009, helped families that had been in the country less than five years navigate the legal and child-welfare systems. As of Monday, the six MGEU members in the unit were reassigned and community partners were notified.

No Disruption in Pay for Government Employees as Supply Bill Passes

Members of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly passed an interim supply bill today to ensure the province’s hard working government employees receive their next paycheque. MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky was on hand at the Legislative Building, accompanied by representatives from the union’s civil service components, to witness how everything unfolded.

Health Care Restructuring Leaves More Questions than Answers

Earlier this month the Manitoba government introduced bill 10, which will change the name of The Regional Health Authorities Act to The Health System Governance and Accountability Act. It means that some existing organizations – including Selkirk Mental Health Centre (SMHC), the Addictions foundation of Manitoba (AFM), and Cadham Lab – will be transferred to Shared Health, which could take anywhere from 18-24 months. MGEU President, Michelle Gawronsky, wants the Health Minister to provide more details to members about this transition.

Legislative Bickering Concerns Government Employees

Media reports surfaced today indicating that the pay for government employees could be held up due to procedural delays at the Manitoba Legislature. Yesterday, the Pallister government was unable to pass an interim supply bill. This legislation is needed to ensure the government has money in its bank account to pay Civil Service employees and keep government programs running.

Government closing Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre

In a disheartening trend, the Pallister government is closing yet another important provincial institution - the Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre. The MGEU is deeply concerned about the decision, which will see the centre at 1181 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg closed in less than three weeks (April 1, 2019).

Bill 12 Amendments Continue Pallister Government’s Concerning Trend of Weakening Workplace Health and Safety Rules: MFL

After receiving reports from the now-eliminated Minister’s Advisory Council on Workplace Safety and Health, as well as from stakeholders in labour, business, health and other areas, the Pallister government has elected to ignore the advice it received and barrel ahead with its own agenda of putting workers’ safety last.

New Government Legislation to Give Security Officers More Power to Intervene

The provincial government may have had a change of heart when it comes to providing security officers in hospitals, and other public places, with powers to detain violent people. In response to rising violence, the province introduced Bill 17: The Police Services Amendment Act yesterday that would give security officers, deemed Institutional Safety Officers, additional authority to enforce provincial laws in cases where public safety is at risk.

Increased Fees Add Up for Medical Lab Professionals

MGEU members who are also represented by the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Manitoba (CMLTM) recently found out that they will be facing significant increases in their mandatory membership fees. MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky, who wrote a letter to the College asking them to reconsider their plan, believes the fee increases and a new special levy come at the worst possible time for professionals.

Government Community Workers ratify new agreement

Members of the Government Community Workers Locals 251-256, 258, who provide respite and support to families and individuals with special needs throughout the province,have ratified a new two-year agreement at Local meetings held throughout the province in February.

Thousands join call to talk about health care votes

Thousands of health care workers in Community and Facility Support joined the MGEU’s two pension tele-meetings yesterday to talk about what these votes mean and why the MGEU is the strongest health care union for Manitoban’s. If you missed the call, recordings of both meetings are now available.

MGEU Welcomes Newest Local – Patient Transport Services

Members of Patient Transport Services – Local 451, are the latest Manitobans to unionize with the MGEU, our province’s largest union. As the strongest health care union in the province, these new members recognized MGEU’s proven track record, along with the lowest dues in Manitoba, as the right fit for them.