Manitoba Government & General Employees Union

Have a question about the upcoming health care votes – join the MGEU Tele-meeting

MGEU will be hosting four tele-meetings for health care workers involved in upcoming union representation votes. These meetings will answer some key questions that many health workers have been asking. Two tele-meetings will be held on February 27 for Facility Support and Community Support workers and two more tele-meetings will be held on March 20 for Technical-Professional/Paramedical workers.

WRHA admits it will have authority to reassign workers

Last week, MGEU raised the alarm about the government’s real objectives in forcing a merger of the home care and facility-based health care aide workforces. Employers want the ability to assert management rights to reassign workers between facilities and between home care and facilities. Today, the WRHA commented on the MGEU’s concerns, but failed to provide any meaningful reassurance to health care workers that this is not their true goal.

Government to Contract out more Seasonal Road Work

Recently the Provincial Government announced plans to further privatize seasonal construction work which was previously provided by MGEU members in Manitoba Infrastructure.This maintenance road work, which was the responsibility of 47 government employees in 2018, will be privatized as of April 10, 2019. The government says that it’s too early to say how many positions will be affected going forward.

MGEU Submits Provincial Budget 2019 Proposal

The MGEU recently made a submission to the Government of Manitoba as part of their pre-budget process for next year’s Budget release. The main focus of the document asks the government to reconsider their priorities and put people first. The Pallister government pledged during their election campaign to protect public services and those who deliver them. However, they’ve broken that promise with repeated cuts over the past two and a half years.

MGEU Holiday Hours

Here are our holiday hours. If you need assistance from the union during the holidays, please contact our Resource Centre by phone or email. Happy Holidays!

Manitoba Government to Lay Off Translators

Continuing with their cuts to the Civil Service, the Manitoba Government has announced that it will be eliminating eight translator positions as of March 29, 2019, which also happens to be the date that the “no lay-off” clause of the current Civil Service collective agreement expires.