Manitoba Government & General Employees Union

Government Withdrawing Motion to Adjourn Court Challenge of Bill 28

Last week the Province of Manitoba introduced an11th hour amendment to its wage freeze legislation (Bill 28), which is being challenged by the MGEU and other public sector unions in court. Today the government backed down from its latest stalling tactic, by officially withdrawing its motion to adjourn, which means the challenge is going to trial as planned.

MGEU Releases 2019-20 Education Calendar

The MGEU kicked off the upcoming training year by releasing the 2019-2020 Education Calendar. As in years’ past, the MGEU will offer Core Courses like Representing Our Members and Bargaining Collectively, which provide a solid foundation for workplace representatives in their elected roles. Popular Issues Seminars, which allow workplace reps to explore issues in-depth with courses like Conflict Resolution Skills, also return this fall.

MGEU taking legal action after Minister refuses to appoint Civil Service Arbitration Panel

The Minister responsible for the Civil Service, Scott Fielding, is refusing to appoint an arbitration panel after the MGEU recently filed for arbitration in order to reach a contract settlement. In denying Civil Service members their legal right to arbitration, the MGEU Civil Service Bargaining Committee has no choice but to pursue this matter in court.

MGEU Members Step Up After Devastating Thompson Fire

More than 180 Thompson residents have been displaced from their homes following a suspicious fire in the north tower of the Forrest View Suites earlier this week. “This is a significant and challenging situation for those living in this building. It’s very fortunate that no one was killed in this fire,” said President Michelle Gawronsky who was in Thompson this week. “I spoke with MGEU members, including several social workers, who are working with the displaced families to help them find places to stay. Everyone involved is doing a great job working around the clock and pouring their hearts into their community to do everything they can to help right now.”

Congrats to the 2019 MGEU Bursary Winners!

The MGEU is pleased to announce the 2019 recipients of nearly $30,000 in MGEU educational scholarships and bursaries. “We’ve had a record number of applicants this year for our Area Bursaries. It’s great to see so many MGEU members and their families put their names forward,” said MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky. “Our union is about building a better life for our members and these bursaries give people the chance to pursue an education and upgrade their skills.”

Correctional Officer Attacked on the Job

The MGEU is calling on the government to implement effective strategies to help protect members working in correctional facilities following a recent assault at Milner Ridge Correctional Centre. On Monday night a correctional officer was attacked by two inmates inside the facility. His injuries required medical attention in hospital.