Manitoba Government & General Employees Union

COVID-19 Update #14: Pre-Convention Local Meetings Postponed

A special meeting of the MGEU Board of Directors was held on August 27 to deal with the latest pandemic circumstances in Manitoba. At this meeting, the Board decided to postpone the pre-convention Local meetings to elect Convention delegates and Local positions until further notice.

Covid-19 Update #13: MGEU Mandates masks at all in-person meetings, meetings in Area 2 & 3 under review

Due to the latest public health recommendations, MGEU members will be required to wear masks during all in-person meetings. Masks will be made available at the meeting if required. The new colour-coded COVID scale recently implemented by the Province also caps gatherings in the Prairie Mountain Health region to no more than ten people. As such, MGEU's in-person meetings in Area 2 and Area 3 are now under review.

MYS (APHP) Local 369 wins arbitration award

Macdonald Youth Services (Alternative Parent Home Program) - Local 369, recently went to arbitration to settle the outstanding terms of their collective agreement. This morning the arbitrator issued their decision and imposed wage increases over the two-year collective agreement.

Report Finds Need for Improved Public Services, Not More Privatization

Meeting the needs of Canadians requires improved public services, not new forms of privatization. That’s the message from a new report – For the Public Good: The growing threat of privatization and workers’ proposals to protect our future – released yesterday by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Task Force on New Forms of Privatization.

Recognizing the People Behind our Public Services

June 14 to 20 is National Public Services Week – a chance to recognize the contributions of public-sector workers in Manitoba and across the country. While we can't recognize Public Services Week in quite the same way this year, we can still celebrate the achievements of the skilled people working on the front lines and behind the scenes to keep families safe and help our lives run smoothly by displaying these signs of gratitude.

Legal victory for workers: judge rules public sector wage freeze legislation unconstitutional

After three long years of standing up for the rights of public sector workers to sit down and negotiate their wages with the Pallister government, today is victory day. Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench Justice McKelvey has ruled that the government's wage freeze law, the Public Services Sustainability Act (Bill 28), and its actions to impede collective bargaining with Manitoba's public sector workers are a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.