Solidarity with locked out Co-op Refinery workers and arrested leaders

The Co-op Refinery in Regina locked out its employees in an odious attempt to force the union to accept major concessions. Then they flew in scab “replacement workers,” to keep the refinery operating. UNIFOR is fighting for the rights of the locked-out workers by preventing fuel trucks from crossing the picket lines. They have our support. Arresting union leaders for fighting for their members’ rights is ugly and unacceptable in a democracy where workers have rights. ― Larry Brown, NUPGE President

MGEU welcomes home firefighters from Australia

The wildfires tearing through Australia are an unprecedented national disaster. At least 26 people have died, along with millions of animals, while nearly 15 million acres have burned and more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed since October.

Offer to pay off parents a new low for Ford Government

“A legislated raise limited to 1% comes to less than $8 a week, far less than the $60 a day the government is spinning through its propaganda machine doubling as our education minister. The government should abandon this cruel and ham-fisted legislation and get serious about bargaining right now." — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

SGEU members voice concerns about the need for better addictions services in Saskatchewan

“Right now, the Wakamow Manor Social Detox Centre is simply not structured or equipped to deal with all situations and clients who present themselves at the facility.” ― Whitney Kujansuu, SGEU Steward

Moose Jaw (8 Jan. 2020) ― Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union (SGEU) members at Wakamow Manor Social Detox Centre located in Moose Jaw are echoing concerns being raised about the need for improvements to addictions services in the province.

More frontline workers at Mackenzie Health join OPSEU

“This is a great victory for both these health professionals and the patients they serve." ― Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

Richmond Hill (6 Jan. 2020) ― Another group of frontline health care workers at Mackenzie Health in Richmond Hill — Registered Senior Diagnostic Imaging Technologists — has voted to join OPSEU/NUPGE. They join their Diagnostic Imaging Technologist co-workers in Local 388.