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Weekend Video: Union Maids

A clear-eyed documentary look at the rise of the Union movements in Chicago during the ’30s, combining archive material and contemporary interviews with three women union organisers. The women, two white, one black, talk separately with clarity and conviction about working conditions during the Depression… Read More

Ontario College Strike 101

by Chris Grawey Mohawk College paralegal student Three demands On Monday, October 16, the 12,000 members of OPSEU’s College Academic Division – professors, instructors, librarians, and counsellors at Ontario’s 24 public colleges – hit the picket line after the College Employer Council rejected OPSEU’s final… Read More

Labour News Update: October 16, 2017

Tentative agreement reached at CAMI | Sear closes shop in Canada fires 12,000 workers | Tentative deal for strike at Pearson airport | Ontario’s college faculty on verge of strike | Ontario pledges $1M to help ailing miners exposed to toxic dust| Unions want government-run… Read More

Weekend Video: Rosie the Riveter

When the U.S. entry into World War II created an unprecedented demand for new workers. Notions of what was proper work for women changed overnight. Thousands of posters and billboards appeared calling on women to “Do the Job He Left Behind.” Rosie the Riveter was… Read More

Fake News Fights Against $15

By David Bush On Tuesday, October 10 NewsTalk 1010 published a poll showing relatively tepid support in Toronto for the Liberal’s plan to raise the minimum wage in Ontario to $15/hr. The poll claims to show 61% of Toronto residents don’t want the province to… Read More

Bring the Union Meeting to the Members

By Joe Fahey How many members attend your union meetings? And how do you feel about that? Whether it’s just a handful or a hundred, no activist is ever satisfied. But you can drop a whole load of frustration if you stop expecting a majority… Read More

The Neoliberal Danger of Basic Income

By the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty We are convinced that the emerging model of basic income, reflected in pilot projects and other initiatives in a number of countries and jurisdictions, is one that would intensify the neoliberal agenda. The hope that there is any realistic… Read More

The Economics of $15: A Reader

The demand for a $15 minimum wage is hugely popular. However, doubts remain about whether raising the minimum wage to $15 would benefit or hurt workers and the economy. These doubts have been sowed by conservative politicians, right-wing think-tanks, employer groups, and a largely uncritical media.… Read More

Weekend Video: The Fight for $15, what next?

Jonathan Rosenblum, union activist from Seattle and author of recently published Beyond $15, will be talking about the lessons to be learned from the struggle for $15 in the USA. Rosenblum’s experience will be of particular interest to activists in the $15 and Fairness movement… Read More

No Scab Mail Here: The 1987 postal strikes

By Doug Nesbitt In 1987, Canada Post management began to unroll a major privatization drive of post offices and elimination of door-to-door delivery. The plan aimed to privatize 3,500 rural post offices and close another 1,700 over a decade. This would allow the company to… Read More

Alberta’s health and safety review is long overdue

By Jared Mtsunaga, Bob Barneston, and Jason Foster This fall, the Alberta government is reviewing its Occupational Health and Safety Act for the first time since it was enacted in 1976. (Specific safety rules are contained in the more detailed Occupational Health and Safety Code… Read More

NAFTA: The origins of a bad deal

By John Warnock The Trudeau government is currently re-negotiating NAFTA with the governments of the USA and Mexico. The results we are told will be Win!  Win! Win! How can Canada lose? The standard line from big business, the mass media and mainstream academics is… Read More

Labour News Update: October 2 2017

‘Progress remains disappointing’: Cami union on talks with GM | ‘You will be sexually harassed’: just one of the perils of working for tips | Migrant workers use art to protest for rights, recognition, permanent status | ‘It shouldn’t be part of the job’ –… Read More

Women and the Fight for $15

By Emily Leedham On September 19 the Manitoba Federation of Labour and Make Poverty History organized a rally calling on the PC government to raise minimum wage from $11 to $15 an hour. The event provided an important look at Manitoba’s political climate, and the challenges… Read More