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OMG Buzzfeed is unionizing

By Chloe Rockarts On Tuesday, February 12, Buzzfeed workers in the United States voted to unionize. In Toronto, a majority of the ten BuzzFeed Canada workers filed for union certification with the Canadian Media Guild (CMG), a local of the Communications Workers of America. Media… Read More

Labor Upheaval in Bangladesh Prompts Solidarity Actions

By Saurav Sarkar With the sixth anniversary approaching of the Rana Plaza building collapse that killed over 1,000 workers, conditions in the world’s second-largest garment export industry are tumultuous. Fifty thousand garment workers in Bangladesh struck earlier this month for higher wages and were met… Read More

Nasr Ahmed, CWA Canada, on fighting for campus media

Nasr Ahmed from media union CWA Canada talks fighting Doug Ford’s attacks on campus press, supporting diverse voices in media, and labour organizing among journalists. Follow CWA Canada: twitter.com/CWA_Canada_AM The CKUW fundrive runs until Friday, February 15th! Pledge online at www.ckuw.ca/donate!

The scab, his mom, and the soul of the Co-op

By Emily Leedham Host of Rank and File Radio – Prairies Edition On February 8, the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix wrote a feature on Keesan Corey, a 19-year old business student and strikebreaker at the Saskatoon Co-op. Hundreds of UFCW Local 1400 members have been on strike… Read More

Where do good organizers come from?

By Ellen David Friedman We know good organizers when we meet them. They’re accessible. They listen and show respect. They react calmly to all kinds of people, take their time to size up a situation, and engage people on their own terms. They brim with… Read More

Ford takes aim at student unions

By Rick Telfer and Andy Crosby Students, activists, and labour movement leaders are sounding the alarm about the devastating impact the Ford government’s plans for post-secondary education will have on the system’s accessibility and democracy. On Jan. 17, the Ford government announced it was – ostensibly… Read More

Unifor’s GM boycott won’t work

by Gerard Di Trolio and Doug Nesbitt Two months after the GM Oshawa closure announcement, Unifor’s big idea is a campaign to boycott GM cars made in Mexico. The union is even spending huge money on a Super Bowl commercial that will reach about 5… Read More

Don’t steal our subway!

By Donna Burman Having a state or province run the subways is a big mistake. In Baltimore, Maryland they already have such a system they are trying to move away. After multiple incidents in Baltimore, including safety issues, a report made it clear that the… Read More

LA teachers won a historic victory

By Gillian Russom We had just an enormous number of demands because we’re been dealing with schools that have been neglected for so long, and because as a democratic union we had a pretty big process for all sorts of constituents to say what they wanted… Read More