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Organizing the suburbs

By Justin Kong, Edward Hon-Sing Wong, and Veronica Yeung During the 2018 Ontario elections, a campaign pamphlet for Progressive Conservative (PC) candidate Raymond Cho was distributed with the words “為人民服務” – “Serve the People” – in bold. The phrase is one of the most iconic… Read More

CUPW legislated back: The Struggle Continues

By Chloe Rockarts Since postal workers were legislated back to work on Tuesday, November 27, picket lines have been organized across the country by unions and labour groups in support of postal workers and the right to strike. Picketers have stopped mail entering and exiting… Read More

Ford’s attack on the poor

By Zaid Noorsumar Nicole Richelle smiles in quiet gratitude as she surveys the food available to her at the Parkdale Community Food Bank. Richelle, 22, and her partner, Vincent Francis, 24, have made their way downtown from Etobicoke in search of a food bank with… Read More

Picketing for the posties

By Riley Peterson On the night of Monday, November 26 I headed to Gateway in Mississauga, Canada Post’s largest plant in Canada, to join postal workers and allies for a direct action outside of the plant. We were assembling to block each of the plant’s… Read More

The labour movement must stand with immigrants

by Daniel Tseghay When Yazmin Juarez and her 19-month-old daughter, Mariee, left Guatemala and, eventually, crossed into the United States to seek asylum, they were detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Sent to a Texas facility, they found themselves in terrible conditions. While… Read More

Oshawa on the line: a personal account

by Jesse Cullen Between the age of three and eight, my family moved five times as my step-dad was transferred for work. Sometimes, we didn’t even stay in one city for an entire year. This instability meant I was unable to form friendships with other… Read More

Victory at OMERS

On November 15, representatives from employers and unions with members in the OMERS pension plan came together to vote on changes proposed in June. The result was 50% plus one in favour of the changes, a thin majority that fell short of the two-third majority… Read More

Buckle up: GM declares war on Oshawa

By Gerard Di Trolio, David Bush and Doug Nesbitt The announcement on Sunday night that GM will close their Oshawa plant at the end of 2019 is  devastating news for the thousands of autoworkers and their families in Oshawa. Site of the 1937 strike against… Read More

The 1996 GM Oshawa occupation

In October 1996, Canadian autoworkers struck General Motors in a battle against outsourcing and other concessions. 25,000 workers walked off the job for three weeks and held back the GM attack in Oshawa, St. Catharines, Ste-Therese, and Windsor. Only a year earlier, GM had posted… Read More

What postal workers are fighting for

By Chloe Rockarts November 14th 2018 marks 1 year since the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) began negotiations with Canada Post Corporation. Across the country, postal workers are entering their second month of rotating strikes. Thousands of workers are striking over health and safety… Read More

The CHL class action lawsuit

By Zaid Noorsumar On the evening of November 15, the Ontario government announced that it would side with the OHL on the issue of player pay. The OHL was quick to issue its own press release thanking the government for their stance. The government will… Read More

Halifax postal workers hit the picket lines

By Robert Devet Some 700 Canada Post workers, who provide mail service in the urban parts of HRM and from Lake Charlotte to Hubbards, walked off the job yesterday. The issues are about health and safety, workload in relation to on-the job injuries to postal… Read More