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Do union-backed strategic voting campaigns really work?

by Larry Savage Increasingly, unions in Canada have embraced strategic voting as a preferred strategy to defeating Conservative politicians. But does it really work? While the specific calculus for strategic voting changes with each election, and the results are mixed at best, evidence suggests the… Read More

Occupy Ford: No more workplace deaths

By Anna Bianca Roach (https://twitter.com/annabiancaroach@annabiancaroach) Today, Oct. 17, at 14:45, a group of  40 activists gathered in front of Ontario Premier Ford’s office in Etobicoke. By the time they had arrived, ten people had already entered Ford’s office to occupy it. They were there to… Read More

ATU demands a national public intercity transit service

ATU Canada has sponsored an audio documentary called Still Waiting for the Bus: The Unnatural Death of Prairie Intercity Transit, made in partnership with Winnipeg-based documentary producer and RankandFile.ca editor Emily Leedham. This documentary explores the impacts of losing the Saskatchewan Transportation Company and Greyhound bus… Read More

Get rid of sick notes

By Lisa Cameron In Nova Scotia, your boss can demand proof that you’re sick, even if it’s just a short term illness. Those requests make life miserable for workers and put stress on an already overburdened medical system. For many short-term sicknesses, a trip to… Read More

Walk-in to Fight Ford’s Education Cuts

By Jessica Lyons On Sunday night hours from a strike deadline, CUPE representing 55,000 Ontario education workers, announced they achieved restored services for students and a fair contract for workers. For months, the government has been playing hardball with workers, students and parents in the… Read More

5,000 Unifor Crown workers on Strike in Saskatchewan

About 5,000 workers for six Crown corporations and one Crown agency, who are all members of Unifor, went on strike Friday morning, October 4th. Later that day at 4 PM, Unifor members rallied outside of the Saskatchewan Party convention, including local national Unifor leadership Simon… Read More

No More Deaths: Rally at Fiera Foods

By Ryan Hayes On Wednesday afternoon, 125 labour and community activists assembled outside of Fiera Foods for a solidarity rally organized by Fight for $15 & Fairness and Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP).  Last week, Enrico Miranda, a 57 year old father of… Read More

Take the Plant, Save the Planet

By Russ Christianson It is a tragic irony that General Motors (GM) chose its hundredth anniversary in Oshawa to announce the December 2019 closure of its Oshawa assembly plant. This means the loss of over 15,000 jobs in Ontario: 2,200 GM assembly jobs, 300 salaried… Read More

Canadian Unions and a Green New Deal

By Chloe Rockarts On September 27, workers across the world went out on strike in the largest global climate strike in history, walking out of their classrooms and workplaces to protest government inaction on climate change. This comes following the September 20 ‘School Strike for… Read More

The climate strike is a gift for unions

By David Bush A week after mass mobilizations across the globe the climate strike is coming to Canada. Major actions are set to take place right across the country. In Montreal, 300,000 are expected for the main rally. Eleven unions are participating and the city… Read More

#MeToo in labour

By Basia Sokal About fifteen years ago, I was working with a union doing organizing work while on leave from my unionized job that I worked at to pay for my education. It was my first official role in a union other than being a… Read More

What Backing The Climate Strike Means For Unions

By Sarah Lazare When asked why he’s planning to support the Global Climate Strike slated for September 20, Larry Hopkins, a rail crew driver for the transportation and maintenance company Hallcon, says the reason is simple: “I want to help preserve and protect our personal… Read More

Labour’s Climate Justice Contradictions and Commonalities

Guest: Jamie Kirkpatrick, Program Manager, BlueGreen CanadaBlueGreenCanada.ca Blue Green Canada is an alliance between Canadian labour unions, environmental and civil society organizations to advocate for working people and the environment by promoting solutions to environmental issues that have positive employment and economic impacts. Student Climate… Read More

GM Strikers Say ‘No More Tiers!’

By Chris Brooks Forty-nine thousand auto workers are on strike at General Motors in the largest private sector strike since the last time union and company clashed, in 2007. Production has stopped at 55 factories and parts centers. According to various analysts, the strike could… Read More

Rethinking Alberta’s essential services legislation

By Bob Barnetson In January 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that “[t]he right to strike is an essential part of a meaningful collective bargaining system” and effectively made blanket bans on public sector strikes unconstitutional. As was required of all provinces in the wake of… Read More