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Rainforest Café workers striking for first contract

By Zaid Noorsumar Employees at the Rainforest Café in Niagara Falls began striking on Sunday after voting overwhelmingly to reject the employer’s latest offer. The 95 staff members, including servers, bartenders and hostesses, are represented by Workers United Local 2347. The workers are looking for… Read More

How is labour going to fight Ford?

By David Bush The political ground in Ontario is shifting. On April 4, 150,000 high school students from 700 schools across the province walked out of class in protest of the Tory government’s proposed cuts to education. Just two days later, over 30,000 teachers, education… Read More

Understaffed and overworked at the WSIB

By Zaid Noorsumar Since March 21, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) staff members across Ontario have been staging walkouts over systemic workload problems that are causing tremendous stress and impacting the organization’s ability to serve injured workers. The rolling protests began with about 100… Read More

Migrante Alberta is fundraising for a workers’ centre

Broadcast date: April 7, 2019. Hosted by Emily Leedham. Today on the show, Marco Luciano, director of Migrante Alberta. Migrante is fundraising for a workers centre, where migrants can connect to resources, each other,and organize. We’ll talk about Migrante’s new Fort MacMurray chapter, the U.N… Read More

Teaching the Tories a lesson

By Peter Hogarth “I feel like education has been moving in a really good direction; schools are getting that they have to be there to support students’ mental health, we have to take care of racism and make students feel safe and this is just… Read More

Book Review: Canada’s Labour Market Training System

By Gerard Di Trolio Canada’s labour market training system is broken for workers. But just because it’s broken for workers doesn’t mean that no one benefits. Corporations, despite periodic complaints about a “skills gap” in the Canadian labour market have it pretty good. They are… Read More

Ontario’s Spring: Students lead, labour must follow

By Doug Nesbitt and David Bush Ontario secondary school students organized the biggest walkout in the province’s history on April 4. Somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 students from over 700 high schools participated. Walkouts even spread to elementary schools. This is the second major student… Read More

The past, present & future of worker power in Alberta

by Emily Leedham and Chloe Rockarts As the provincial election approaches, Alberta’s unions are hard at work educating their members about what is at stake for workers at the ballot box. While many unions identify as non-partisan, most have still expressed concerns about the right-wing… Read More

Ford continues to attack workers with Bill 66

By Simran Dhunna, Vidhya Elango and Talia Holy Only a few months ago, Premier Doug Ford’s Bill 47 repealed many of the labour protections won through advocacy by decent work coalitions across Ontario — including the Fight for $15 and Fairness campaign. Workers lost two… Read More

GM Oshawa: Lowered expectations, unexplored opportunities

By Sam Gindin Following an aggressive public relations campaign in which union officials questioned GM’s loyalty to ‘Canadian taxpayers’, General Motors has apparently agreed to keep its Oshawa facility partially open. No official announcement has yet been made, but there are rumours of a revised… Read More

New Brunswick nursing home workers fight back

By Chloe Rockarts Over four thousand workers at 46 not for profit nursing homes in New Brunswick voted 90% in favour of a strike on March 7. The workers, who have been without a contract since 2016, rejected the 1% increase the New Brunswick Association… Read More

How we kicked Doug Ford out of Napanee

by Lesley Jamieson President of the Kingston & District Labour Council The morning of Saturday, March 23rd, Andrea Loken (president of OSSTF Limestone local) got word from a reliable source that Doug Ford would be making an appearance in Napanee, a small city of 15,000… Read More

Care workers organize: Land status now!

By Chloe Rockarts Today, March 21, marks the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, bringing together migrant justice organizations, activists and communities to unite against racism and call for permanent status, an end to deportations, and decent work and fair wages for migrant workers.… Read More

How to Use Grievances to Organize

By Mike Parker and Martha Gruelle The difference between a truly democratic union and one that follows a servicing model is stark when it comes to grievance handling. In a strong democratic union there may not even be many grievances; members organize to convince supervisors… Read More