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Town of Widows

By Sandra Condon It has taken years of persistence and an army of warriors but it is finally happening – the conspiracy of silence around the hazardous work environment at the Peterborough General Electric plant is unravelling. The documentary Town of Widows aired on CBC on… Read More

Van Island sawmill worker talks strike & concessions

Dan Comeczko is a sawmill worker on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and one of the many workers on strike against Western Forest Products. The strike is being organized by United Steel Worker’s Local 1-1937, made up of many former locals from the now dissolved International… Read More

Forestry Workers Down Saws to Stop Cuts

By James Chumsa-Jones Sawmill workers across Vancouver Island have been picketing for a fair contract with Western Forest Products since the Canada Day long weekend. The strike by 3000 members of United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 is in opposition to WFP’s proposed clawback of holidays, pensions,… Read More

What NFLD’s Cod Moratorium Means for Green New Deal Organizing

Drew Brown, EIC of The Independent.ca, explores what lessons Green New Deal organizers can learn from Newfoundland’s 1992 cod moratorium. Cod and the Fishery: Down, but Not Outtheindependent.ca/2019/07/02/cod-a…own-but-not-out/ CBC Archives: The Cod Moratoriumwww.cbc.ca/archives/entry/cod-…g-science-subverted ABCs of the Newfoundland Fisheryyoutu.be/9hWG_iZ_ykE

No Justice for Janitors at Luciano Janitorial Services

By Dunja Apostolov-Dimitrijević “No one in their right mind would ever accept this deal,” says Jorge Villa, an organizer with Service Employers International Union (SEIU) Local 2, of the proposal tabled by Luciano Janitorial Services. A crowd of janitors and their community allies gathered outside… Read More

Prime Days for Amazon Protests

By Joe DeManuelle-Hall Amazon’s biggest shopping days of 2019 so far —”Prime Days,” July 15-16— saw walkouts and protests by workers in the U.S. and Germany. The protests were semi-coordinated, targeting Amazon when its warehouses are running at full clip and the company is in… Read More

Requesting A Day Off for Emancipation Day

NOTE: The template letter below is an expression of what its author and human rights lawyer, Anthony N, Morgan, refers to as ‪Black-focused creative writing, art and expression that uses law and legal tools to re-imagine and inspire bold futures of Black freedom and justice — in… Read More

Don’t Complain, Organize!

By Ellen David Friedman Complaining isn’t the first step to organizing—it’s the graveyard of organizing. Just ask any union steward or rep who has listened to a member complain bitterly but refuse to take action. If you’re a steward, officer, or rank and filer trying… Read More

Disability justice & labour organizing

From May 8-11, 2019, Winnipeg unions hosted the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike Centenary Conference: inviting union members, labour activists and leaders from across Canada to reflect on the history for the general strike, and apply its lessons to the present and future of the labour… Read More

Saskatoon Co-op strike didn’t beat two-tier

By Bianca Cunningham “Three years ago I was at a union meeting and a member stood up and asked why we got such good pay and benefits as Saskatoon Co-op employees,” said Jodi Smith, a member of Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1400. “Grant… Read More