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Unifor launches ad campaign to raise awareness about the future of the energy sector

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With big changes in the energy sector underway, what does the future hold for Canadians whose livelihoods depend on it?

“About 12,000 Unifor members work in the energy sector,” said Scott Doherty, Unifor Assistant to the National President. “Unifor wants to ensure that as the economy shifts, current and future generations will continue to have good paying jobs.”

Natural resources are vital to Canada’s economy and fossil fuels will remain a critical component of the world’s energy needs for decades to come. However, the country’s energy policy has focussed on shipping unprocessed oil and gas to foreign markets for refining, then importing those same refined products for domestic use.

“We need to invest more in infrastructure, processing and refining,” said Kim Conway, Energy Council Chair. “That will reduce our dependence on importing refined products and create more Canadian jobs.”

Watch our video about the future of the energy sector and what it means to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qcCzlpXUig&feature=player_embedded

Unifor is calling on all levels of government to help create a new national energy strategy that reflects our vision. Read more: