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Celebrate National Social Worker Month in March

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -

In March of each year, social workers throughout the country celebrate National Social Work Month in recognition of the contributions of social workers to society.

The theme adopted for the 2019 National Social Work Month celebrations is Real People. Real Impact

To learn more about the Social Work profession visit the Manitoba College of Social Workers as well as the Canadian Association of Social Workers.

Manitoba Social Worker Month Events


Music Therapy Month

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -

Music therapy is a discipline in which credentialed professionals (MTA*) use music purposefully within therapeutic relationships to support development, health, and well-being. Music therapists use music safely and ethically to address human needs within cognitive, communicative, emotional, musical, physical, social, and spiritual domains.

For more information, please visit the Canadian Association of Music Therapists website.

Members discuss industry challenges, opportunities at telecommunications conference

Unifor -

Canada’s telecommunications industry is rapidly changing, and workers are driving the campaign to ensure that jobs at Canada’s largest telecommunications companies are good jobs where members are respected.

More than 170 members attended the Unifor Telecommunications Conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario from February 25-28, 2019.

“Telecommunications is one of the largest sectors in our union, and these workers are on the front line in the fight for decent work right across the country,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “This is a rapidly-changing sector, which means at every turn, we are pushing back against corporate greed but also adapting to technological change.”

Ahead of the conference, members from every unionized Bell Canada workplace and Bell subsidiary met to discuss strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement for bargaining committees and campaigns.

“Technological change, the effects of a 5G network and outsourcing are only some of the many factors at play in the telecommunications industry,” said Renaud Gagné, Unifor Quebec Regional Director. “With massive changes underway, this conference offers a much-needed platform for members to strategize about bargaining priorities and member engagement going forward.”

The conference featured expert research on challenges facing the industry, technological change workers are dealing with and the ways in which the industry may evolve in the years to come, from 5G to beyond.

Telco local unions have been putting increased efforts towards membership mobilization in recent years, and this has resulted in major progress at the bargaining table and has helped build strong local unions. Other highlights included presentations by Political Action and Membership Mobilization, Strategic Planning and Communications department. These sessions focused on integrated approaches to preparing for bargaining, strategies to enhance member mobilization, and the resources available to support these objectives.

Guest speakers from UNI Global Union and the University of Quebec were also in attendance, shedding light on the global effects of outsourcing, how the international labour movement is addressing worker exploitation in receiving countries.

The conference offered delegates a platform to strategize for member engagement through local unions and to devise a broader legislative approach for addressing sector-specific challenges, including stacked ranking and other performance management measures. The conference closed with a commitment for action and unity across the sector.

MAHCP Video Contest closes at 4 p.m. on March 1

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -


We are now closing in on the end of our very successful MAHCP Video Contest!

As stated in our Contest Rules (click here for the full rules), the video entries will be up on our Facebook page until 4 p.m. on March 1.

That is when we will close the contest and announce in our March newsletter, website and social media the top three winners based on “Likes” on our Facebook Page.

The prizes for this contest are spectacular! First prize is $1,500, Second prize is $1,000 and Third prize is $500.

There’s still time to share the posts with family and friends, however, please make sure that they “like” the original post on the MAHCP Facebook page.

Please note that “likes” on Facebook shares or the original YouTube pages will not count towards the overall number, only the “likes” on the video posts on the MAHCP Facebook page will be counted.

Good luck to all our participants as this voting period wraps up!

Workers at a third SQDC location choose UFCW

UFCW Canada -

Montréal – February 26, 2019 – The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) is very proud to announce that the workers at the SQDC store in Mirabel will be represented by our large organization, as confirmed by the Tribunal administratif du travail (Administrative Labour Tribunal) on February 26, 2019.

MAHCP Manitoba Moose Game – 60% Off Tickets Available!

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -


Thank you, MAHCP members, for your amazing show of support for our MAHCP Night at the Moose on Friday, March 15!

We have received far more emails for free tickets than we expected, so the giveaway is now closed.  Those members who won a free pair of tickets will be contacted by email today (Wednesday) and will receive their electronic tickets next week.

If you didn’t win free tickets, we still want you to join us!  You can purchase tickets for the March 15 MAHCP Moose Game at a deep discount – only $13.50 per ticket by following the instructions below

To recap, MAHCP Night, which features the Moose suiting up against AHL rivals the Texas Stars, takes place on Friday, March 15, 2019, at 7 p.m. at Bell MTS Centre.

MAHCP has partnered with the Manitoba Moose for a special offer on regular-priced tickets – 60% OFF!  We have a block reserved in sections 103 and 104 for these discounted tickets, at only $13.50 per ticket.

You can order your discounted tickets through your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Please note you will only be able to choose discounted seats in sections 103 and 104 on a desktop or a tablet – you will be assigned the best available seats on a mobile phone. Flash is required.

Click on the Following Link to access the discounted offer: https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/mbahl/EN/link/promotion/home/fc0be1295431e5170aec29b8a4aace75f4a9afdd

Click “Find Tickets” beside the game you want to attend.

  • Enter Promo Code: MAHCP and click Go

You will be prompted to login to your Moose account to complete the transaction. If you do not have an account, you can create one using the ‘Create an Account’ link. If you receive a message that your email address already exists in our system, please use the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link to receive a new password to login to your Moose account. Please note that if you have a Winnipeg Jets account, you can use the same email and password to login to your Manitoba Moose account

Once you have purchased your tickets, you will require a mobile phone to access Bell MTS Place to attend the Manitoba Moose game you purchased.  If you do not have a mobile phone you can have printed tickets left for you to pick up at the box office.

1. Log into your Manitoba Moose Account Manager using your email address and password.
2. Select the game you wish to manage.
3. Click Send.
4. Click to choose specific seat locations, then click Send to confirm.
5. Enter the name of the recipient and use the email address willcall@manitobamoose.com

To Manage your tickets and load to your phone – please download the Manitoba Moose App (Android or IOS) then sign into your Moose Account using the same email and password used to purchase the tickets.

We’re looking forward to our very first MAHCP Night at the Moose with our MAHCP members, family and friends!

Unifor supports Barho family following devastating N.S. fire

Unifor -

Unifor has contributed $15,000 to the organization supporting Kawthar and Ebraheim Barho, the parents who lost all seven of their children in a devastating in their their family home in Halifax on February 19.

The Barho family had come to Canada as refugees from Syria just over a year ago with six children and their youngest was born here just three months ago.

“Members immediately reached out to organize a donation to provide some assistance for the parents following their unfathomable loss,” said Lana Payne, Atlantic Regional Director. “Our hearts and hopes are with Kawthar and Ebraheim and the entire community.”  

The Atlantic Regional Council, Ontario Regional Council and Unifor Social Justice Fund all contributed to the donation.

“Many hearts have broken upon hearing this news and we only hope to be part of the warm community that embraces and cares for this family in their time of deep sorrow,” said Naureen Rizvi, Ontario Regional Director.

Support has been pouring in from across the country and the GoFundMe fundraiser set up by the Imam Council of Halifax and in cooperation with the Hants East Assisting Refugees Team (HEART), the organization that sponsored the family to come to Canada, has become the second-largest ever in Canada. 

As of this writing, more than $650,000 has been raised in memory of the Barho children: Ahmed, 14; Rola, 12; Mohamad, 9; Ola, 8; Hala, 3; Rana, 2; and three-month-old Abdullah.​

Black History Month 2019

Unifor -

Black History Month is a time to reflect on the unique challenges of some of our members and celebrate how they have and continue to resist.

Unifor activists across the country work with our sisters and brothers from marginalized communities in challenging hate and promoting access for our social, political and economic institutions. Part of creating access for marginalized communities means the union is addressing the concerns of those members and people connected to them. White supremacy has impacted every aspect of black people’s lives, from the criminal justice system to economic, housing and gender issues. More than ever, the union must be fostering open and deep conversations about how to resist and create a more just and equitable world.

During February, Unifor highlighted the work of 23 Black labour activists. We began with Arlette Magbity from Fort McMurray, Alberta of Local 707a and we emphasized the importance of being versatile in understanding and appreciating new cultures. We then highlighted the story of Keston John from Local 222 in Oshawa, Ontario who believes if united, we can change the future for the next generation by creating more opportunities for growth while educating members of their rights in the workplace. Angela Downy from Unifor Local 4606 in Halifax, Nova Scotia was featured in week three, where she shared her story of receiving the feeling that her community of Lucasville, Nova Scotia was shrinking.  But through her learned skills in the union and her loving heart, Angela fought back to re-establish the boundaries and worked to made Lucasville a heritage site. And finally, in week four, Mary Boudreau from Local 468 in Winnipeg recounted how she was the first black woman elected as Vice President and how that has reminded her of the importance of building a more diverse union.

Throughout February, the national union and locals organized Black History Month events in their communities. Unifor sponsored the 12th Glenn Gould Prize Celebration. Opera singer Jessye Norman was honoured for her continued activism and her globally renowned artistic contributions. Unifor also sponsored an intimate conversation with the founder of  #MeToo  Tarana Burke at this year’s Toronto Black Film Fest. Finally, the national union has co-sponsored and helped organize the upcoming 21st annual African Nova Scotian Music Association Awards Show. The awards show is important for current and future musicians from the African Nova Scotian community.

While Unifor considers Black History Month a unique opportunity to highlight the ongoing challenges facing black people, including members, it’s also a reminder to keep organizing and resisting throughout the year until there is justice for all.