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MGEU members step up after devastating Thompson Fire


In the aftermath of a devastating fire in Thompson, Manitoba the members of the MGEU are working hard to provide support and comfort to those affected.

Thompson (1 Oct. 2019) - More than 180 Thompson, Manitoba residents have been displaced from their homes following a suspicious fire in the north tower at the Forest View Suites. In the aftermath of the fire the members of the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union (MGEU/NUPGE) are working hard to provide support and comfort to those affected.

Star reporter first journalist in Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame

Unifor -

Legendary Toronto Star reporter Randy Starkman, whose generous spirit during a lengthy strike at the paper helped many of his co-workers endure the dispute, will be the first journalist inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.

“He was so fond of the people he was covering in amateur sports,” said his wife, Mary Hynes, host of CBC Radio’s Tapestry. “An accomplished athlete makes it look so easy, and it was important to him to make readers understand what’s involved.”

Starkman covered 12 Olympic Games during his 30-year career, turning down opportunities to cover professional teams to focus on amateur sports. He was loved by the athletes and their families for his ability to tell the human side of their efforts, and the complexities of their sports.

“He humanized us to the Canadian public,” Olympian Clara Hughes, who remains a close friend of Hynes and daughter Ella, told the Toronto Star.

Starkman was covering an amateur swim event in Montreal in 2012 when he fell ill, and died days later in a Toronto hospital at age 51.

At the London Olympics that summer, the Canadian Olympic Committee held a breakfast in his honour, and “Flat Randy” dolls made by his sister were taken around to events at the Games by fellow journalists and athletes, since no one there could imagine the Games without him.

Seven years later, Hynes – who met her husband covering amateur sports more than 30 years ago – said she still receives photos of Flat Randy at amateur events, and notes from athletes about their memories of him. At Starkman’s encouragement, many athletes also became fans of her show.

During a lengthy strike at the Toronto Star 1992, Starkman would prepare breakfast on the picket line, propping his mother’s grill on the tailgate of his Jeep to cook bacon and eggs or serving up bagels, cream cheese and lox.

“That was his self-appointed role, to keep spirits up,” Hynes said. “It was unexpected and such an affectionate way for him to show support.”

Former Star columnist Joey Slinger once wrote in the paper that Starkman was a “prince among colleagues, a diamond among craftspersons” whose morning efforts helped many cope with the stresses of the picket line.

Starkman won two National Newspaper Awards, one for reporting that Ben Johnson has tested positive again for ban substances and another for his pioneering work on concussions in hockey, and authored or co-authored three books.

The Canadian Olympic Committee also announced the Randy Starkman Award recognizing a Canadian national team athlete who has used their sporting excellence to benefit the community, with $5,000 going to the athlete and $5,000 to a charity of their choice.

Video highlights Unifor’s organizing efforts

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Unifor’s Organizing Department is looking for ways to better reflect a modern workplace, adapting our organizing strategies to help more workers join the union.

 “We need to reflect the diversity of a changing workplace. We need to target new employers, highlight the bargaining power that we have and the influence we have and really demonstrate why Unifor is the union for workers,” Organizing Director Kellie Scanlan said in a video about Organizing.

That video was shown at Unifor’s Constitutional Convention in August, and highlights the diverse methods used by the department to bring more workers into the union.

One of the workplaces featured in the video is the Chaleur Sawmills in Belledune, N.B., where workers became interested in joining Unifor after seeing the advances that Unifor has been able to make for forestry workers across the country. Unifor was certified as the union at Chaleur shortly after the video was shown at the convention.

It was a similar story in Lac St-Jean, Quebec, where workers at Résolu Normandin voted to join Unifor so they could be part of pattern bargaining in forestry.

“It was unanimous. Unifor, from a forestry point of view in the Bois-du-Lac, is stronger. We noticed immediately that we were better off with Unifor,” said Marc Jobin, president of Local 512 at the mill.

The video highlights organizing drives across Canada and efforts to tailor drives to each workplace.

For example, the department has drawn on Unifor airline workers to help organize workers at WestJet as part of a drive that stretches across the country.

At the casinos in Niagara Falls, Unifor casino workers are an integral part of the effort, where the department is also reaching out to Chinese language workers in their own language.

In British Columbia, Unifor used a unique fisheries labour law to organize fishers there. That law had been on the books for years, but no other union had used it.

“We used it,” Scanlan said.

NUPGE Peace Officers join annual memorial


“These women and men have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the public. All Canadians must remember their names. Our members, who are peace officers, have a difficult and dangerous job, and this service reminds us of the risks and threats they face." NUPGE President Larry Brown

October is Occupational Therapy Month

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals -


October is Occupational Therapy Month and October 27 is World Occupational Therapist Day

Occupational therapists, often called OTs, are the primary providers of occupational therapy services.

OTs are:

– university educated professionals that apply their specialized knowledge and skills to recommend a course of preventive or corrective action that will help people lead more productive and satisfying lives;

– trained to understand not only the medical and physical limitations of a disability or injury, but also the psychosocial factors that affect the functioning of the whole person – their health and their wellness; and

– a regulated medical profession. Occupational therapists must be registered with their provincial regulator in order to practice legally in Canada.

Congratulations to all OT’s!!

Please visit the CAOT  and MSOT websites for more information.

Brew up these UFCW-made products on International Coffee Day – October 1

UFCW Canada -

Toronto – September 28, 2019 – October 1 is International Coffee Day – a day when we celebrate all things coffee and recognize the millions of people around the world who work hard to create and serve the beverage we all know and love. UFCW members proudly make a number of delicious coffee products, including the items listed on our Great Canadian Food Products page. On October 1, brew up these UFCW-made coffee products!



Statement on September 27 Climate Strike

Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC -

Sep 27, 2019 FPSE News

Statement from FPSE President Terri Van Steinburg on the Climate Strike (Friday, September 27, 2019)

"Today’s climate strike is bringing much-needed attention to the climate emergency. The young people leading this action in our province and around the world are both an inspiration and a reminder of what is possible when we join together. Just as the science of climate change is undeniable, so too is the power of people united in calling for change."

"Our members – educators at colleges, institutes, and teaching universities – see how students are driving change every day and will be supporting their efforts today and into the future."

Learn more about the Climate Strike: