Trivia 2017

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2017 Annual Conference Trivia questions and answers


At the CALM Conference we hosted a trivia night for delegates.  Here are the questions and answers!

Round 1

  1. When was the Trade Unions Act is passed by Parliament legalizing unions? June 14, 1872

  2. In the United States, the National Labour Relations Act is also known as? The Wagner Act

  3. According to the 2006 census, what are the two most multicultural cities in Canada? Vancouver and Toronto

  4. What is Canada’s national sport - according to a 1994 Act - Hockey and Lacrosse

  5. What year were maternity benefits introduced in Canada (1971)

  6. What is the capital of Nepal? – Kathmandu

  7. What is a baby seal called? A Pup

  8. What was the name of the first Computer Company? Electronic Controls Company


Round 2

  1. What is the only official bilingual province in Canada? New Brunswick

  2. Before it was the Canadian Labour Congress, it was called? The trades and labour congress of Canada

  3. One of the first noted acts in Canada of Collective bargaining took place between Aboriginal, Metis French and Scottish Voyageurs against the Hudson’s Bay Company. They collectively went on strike demanding better wages.  What year did they go on strike? 1799

  4. What person’s face is on the Canadian $100 bill? Robert Broden

  5. In TV's The Simpsons, what is the name of Ned Flanders two children? - Rod and Todd

  6. Which capital city lies on the Potomac River? - Washington D.C.

  7. In Darts, how much is the Outer Bull worth? – 25

  8. The first mass-market computer, the Programma 101 was unveiled in 1964.  How much did it sell for? $3200


Round 3

  1. In what year was Margaret Thatcher first elected Prime Minister? - 1979

  2. How many legs do butterflies have? – 6

  3. Pit Ponies were historically common in underground mines to haul carts of coal or rock out of the mines.  How many carts were common for Pit Ponies to pull at a time? 6

  4. Who was the first woman in the world to head a national Labour party? Shirley Carr, 1986, CLC

  5. What is the oldest walled city that exists North of Mexico? Quebec City

  6. Who used the word Kanata (which should mean village or settlement) to describe Canada - Jacques Cartier

  7. How many oceans border Canada? 3

  8. What year did Bell Cellular begin to offer cellular mobile telephone service? 1985

  9. Adobe InDesign v1.1 was released in what year? 2000