Trivia 2018

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2018 Annual Conference Trivia questions and answers


At the CALM Conference we hosted a trivia night for delegates.  Here are the questions and answers!


Round 1

  1. In Canada and the United States, Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. Which country marks Labour Day on May 23? - Jamaica

  2. Canadian labour groups have held parades and celebrations since 1872, but Parliament officially recognized Labour Day as a holiday in what year? - 1894

  3. What is Saskatchewan's official sport - curling (2001)

  4. What city boasts the first ever Tim Hortons? - Hamilton

  5. What year was the toonie introduced? - 1996

  6. In Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novels Anne of Green Gables, what is the name of Anne’s adopted mother? - Marilla Cuthbert

  7. CALM has an american sister organization, called the ILCA - what does ILCA stand for? International Labour Communications Association

  8. In the 2015 general election, which federal riding had the greatest number of ballots cast? Orléans, Ontario: there were 78,260 ballots cast in the election (80,6 %).


Round 2

  1. Canada's annual labour celebrations have their roots in a work action taken by the Toronto Printer's Union in 1869. The union requested a reduction in its members weekly work hours, which employers refused. The union went on strike three years later, and a solidarity demonstration and march was held in the city. It became an annual event. How many weekly hours had the union asked for in 1869? - 58

  2. What Canadian city has the highest number of restaurants per capita? - Montreal

  3. Annually 224 vehicle accidents in Canada involve a collision with what type of animal? Moose

  4. How many points are there on the the Canadian flag’s maple leaf? - 11

  5. 911 as an emergency number was first developed in what Canadian city? - Winnipeg

  6. Canada has how many provinces? - 10

  7. The first successful open heart surgery in Canada was done in what province and what year? Alberta 1956

  8. Who was the youngest prime minister to take office? Rt. Hon. Charles Joseph Clark became Prime Minister June 4, 1979 at the age of 39 years and 11 months.


Round 3

  1. What is the French name for Labour Day? - Fête du travail

  2. 2019 will be the 100th anniversary of what important historical union event? - Winnipeg General Strike

  3. What year was the Halifax explosion? 1917

  4. Which province was the first where women won the right to vote? - Manitoba

  5. Where is Canada’s most visited National Historic Site - Halifax (Citadel)

  6. What is Canada’s oldest city: founded  first St. Johns, Newfoundland (although QUebec city is was incorporated first)

  7. According to 2015 Workplace Information and Research Division of the Labour Program what percentage of Canadian workers are union dues paying workers according to 2015 Workplace Information and Research Division of the Labour Program - 31.8%

  8. What's further west: lake nipissing or lake nipigon? Nipigon


Tie breakers


In the house of commons  the room is divided and members of the opposition sit how far apart from the government: 3 sword lengths

How many national animals does canada have, and what is it/are they? Beaver & canadian horse