Rules and Guidelines

To download the rules package, please click here.

The CALM Awards are for members of the Canadian Association of Labour Media (who have paid membership fees for 2024). The awards honour excellence in the print, broadcast, online and graphics arts fields for material produced in 2023. You can join CALM at any time if you’d like to make a submission to the awards contest. To confirm your union’s membership status with us, please contact

Several of the awards are split into two categories: staff or volunteer. Items produced by union communications staff or outside professionals are in the same category (staff produced). The other category is for volunteers (that includes those who get a few hours’ time paid by the local). Judges reserve the right to move entries from one category to the other.

There is no fee to enter the awards. All CALM members have the right to enter any number of categories.

You may submit online at our website:, with a mass file transfer service like WeTransfer, or by sending a link to a Cloud folder (Google docs, Dropbox etc.) to

You can also enter the CALM Awards through the mail. If you are submitting paper copies, please remember to clearly label each entry. DO NOT SUBMIT ENTRIES TWICE (I.E. online and by mail). You can submit your entry partly online and partly through the mail. Due to the proximity to a Canada Post counter, we insist that packages are sent via Canada Post.

Please read the rules enclosed in this package closely. Any submission that doesn’t adhere to the rules as defined in this package might be disqualified.


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Email or call 647-428-8028

The following rules apply for 2024 CALM awards for work done in 2023.

The following rules apply for 2024 CALM awards for work done in 2023. The awards will be announced at our annual awards conference in Edmonton, Alberta on June 8, 2024. If your entry does not conform to these rules, it may not be considered.

  1. The awards are strictly for original material published or produced last year, in 2023. If the time they were produced crossed over 2022-2023 or 2023-24, they can only be submitted once.
  2. They are open only to CALM members who have paid 2024 membership dues. Membership dues can be submitted at the time of the awards application.
  3. Some categories are sub-divided into various classifications. Awards will not necessarily be given in all categories or classifications, depending on the number and merit of the entries. You may only submit up to two entries per category, unless otherwise stated.
  4. There are five independent judges, one for print, broadcast, online, graphic design and French writing.
  5. You must provide one sample for each award category you enter. If you enter something into multiple categories and send it via mail, your entry must include multiple sam­ples/URLs.
  6. Each mail-in sample must be identified with the name of the union local, the person submitting the award, the name of the person or persons who created the material, and the award category.
  7. It is expected that entries be union-made, provided that union printers, producers, techni­cians and reproduction facilities are available to the entrant.
  8. The authority to determine the appropri­ate award classification for each entry rests with CALM and will be based on the information pro­vided on the attached entry form and CALM’s membership records.
  9. To be eligible, submissions must be received through the online submission form or at the address above no later than April 1, 2024. Winning entries will be posted on the CALM website on Juneeme after the awards banquet.
  10. Several categories are open to English and French submissions. Read the categories closely to ensure that you submit your award to the right category, and in the right language, if applicable. All categories are open to both languages, unless otherwise noted.

If you mail your entry, please ensure to ship your whole entry to arrive at the above address no later than April 1, 2024 if sent by regular mail.

If entering online, make sure that every file name respects this nomenclature: category/subcategory – union – piece title. So: 1B – CALM 123 – A day in the union office.

Late entries will not be considered nor will the deadline be pushed back.