Announcing the CALM Conference 2017 Awards judges!

The 2017 Conference Awards judges have been selected. Each judge reviews submissions in the category of their expertise or experience and will select winning entries for the 2017 CALM awards.  For full details about CALM Awards click on the Awards Tab.

Online Judge: Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose is a freelance writer who focuses on misogyny and rape culture, Queer and Trans people and communities, various social movements, and politics (mostly when it makes her angry). A former student activist, Rebecca began working in solidarity with the labour movement, through her involvement in the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) and Canadian Federation of Students. Rebecca was previously a member of CUPE 1281 and has worked for and provided social media workshops to various unions including the PSAC, CUPE, and UNIFOR. As a Cape Bretoner, she takes pride in coming from a line of miners and steel plant workers. She is currently an active member of the Canadian Freelance Union (CFU). Rebecca Rose is a Ryerson University Journalism graduate who has written for publications such as The Coast, Daily Xtra, the Halifax Media Co-op,, and Autostraddle.

Design Judge: Jessica Wood

Broadcast Judge: Julia Caron

Julia Caron is a bilingual bundle of contradictions, endlessly enamoured by the radical potential of the Internet. She has called Quebec City home since 2008; it is only appropriate she ended up in one of the oldest cities in North America, given her affection for all things old. She works as a journalist for CBC Radio based in the province’s capital. Her radio documentaries have been featured on national programs such as In the Field, As It Happens, and Unreserved. Her writing has been featured in Shameless Magazine, WORN Journal, Racialicious and Missy Magazine. You can find her spending far too much of her free time online, engaged in critical discussions about social justice and contemporary art.

Writing Judge: Jennifer O'Brien

French Language Judge: To be announced

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