Bookkeeper Services - CALM

The Canadian Association of Labour Media (CALM) is requesting proposals from bookkeeping firms and qualified individuals to perform bookkeeping services beginning April 1, 2019, with an annual contract agreement.


Background information
CALM is a communications cooperative comprised of nearly 200
labour unions, federations and organizations across Canada. Together, we seek to strengthen the communications capacity of the labour movement and provide a link between large national unions and federations, and smaller locals, in all regions and sectors in Canada. CALM depends mostly on membership fees, and conferences for revenue. CALM employs two staff who work remotely.

Scope of bookkeeping services
Under the direction of CALM Staff and Treasurer, the Bookkeeper maintains all necessary and appropriate records, files, and processes to ensure the smooth and compliant financial operation of the organization. Annually, CALM processes approximately 500 transactions.


The bookkeeper will:

  • Maintain accurate financial records using standard accounting practices by making the appropriate entries,

  • Record revenues and expenses,

  • Prepare a monthly Profit and Loss Summary,

  • Prepare a monthly journal,

  • Provide any other records in a timely manner as requested,

  • File and prepare GST/HST returns,

  • Prepare biweekly payrolls and government (CRA, and Revenue Quebec) remittances,

  • Generate T4s and RL-1,

  • Work with CALM’s auditor and CALM staff to prepare the annual audit, &

  • Be readily available to answer questions from staff and Treasurer as needed.

Term of Bookkeeping Services
The contract for bookkeeping services will be for a period from April 1,
2019 to December 31, 2019. At the end of ninety days of service, both CALM and the contractor will have the option to terminate this contract. This condition will be executable with at least thirty days’ notice to the other party. The parties will discuss renewal options for an additional one year term in November of each year.

Proposal Content
To describe clearly the proposed understanding of the work to be done, the following
content must be included in the proposals:


Qualification Component
The proposer must demonstrate the capability to perform the above-stated bookkeeping services in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. It is strongly preferred that the proposer also have non-profit experience.



Provide as references three current and/or past clients, the length of time the proposer has worked with each client and a short summary of services provided in each case. Please also provide email and telephone contact information for each client.


Provide a CV or resume of the professional who proposes to direct the overall bookkeeping service activity. This should include information about the individual’s educational background and relevant experience.



Propose bookkeeping software preferences and costs. Currently CALM uses Xero and PaymentEvolution for bookkeeping and payroll.


Please state the proposed fees and fee structure for providing bookkeeping services for the period April 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.


Procedures for Submission of Proposal

Proposal to the RFP should be received no later than March 8, 2019, at 11:59 pm EST by email:
Please mark the subject line: Bookkeeper proposal

Any questions should be sent by email to


Closing date: 

Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 00:00


Please indicate on your cover letter that you saw this job posting at the CALM Job Board.