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CALM hosts a job posting service for union jobs and progressive communications positions. CALM members can post here for free for the next six months. After May 1, 2019, non-members can post here for $300 and CALM members can post for a discounted rate of $75.00. All jobs posted here will also be circulated on CALM's social media channels, and to CALM's membership listserv in our regular e-newsletter. Posts will stay up for 60 days or until your posting closes.

Please send all job postings to CALM's editor (editor in a word document. Please also include a logo for your union. If you require that individuals apply through your website, please also include a link!

If you apply to any of these posts because you saw it here, please mention that you saw the notice at the CALM Job Board on your coverletter.



Posts that are closed will be posted below for one week, to assist people in finding if if they need to.

Temporary specialist and servicing representative opportunities with CUPE. Location: Ottawa

Temporary clerical, secretarial and administrative opportunities with CUPE. Location: Ottawa 

Larbour Relations Officer (Servicing) - ONA. Location: Sudbury CLOSES: Mon. Dec 10, 2018

Permanent Full Time Administrative Assistant -SEIU West. Location: Moose Jaw CLOSES: Tues. Dec 11, 2018

Administrative Assistant, IT/IM Section - PSAC. Location: Ottawa. CLOSES: Tues. Dec 11, 2018 1530 EST

Secretary - PSAC. Location: Halifax. CLOSES: Wed. Dec 12, 2018, 15:30 EST

Administrative Assistant - PSAC. Location: London. CLOSES Wed. Dec 12, 2018 1530 EST

Secretary #1, Negotiations Unit, Head Office - OPSEU. Location Toronto. CLOSES Thurs. Dec 13, 2018

Human resource assistant - BCTF - Location: Vancouver. CLOSES: Fri. Dec 14, 2018

Labour Relations Officer (servicing) - ONA - Location: Ottawa. CLOSES Mon. Dec 17, 2018

Labour Relations Officer (servicing) - ONA - Location: Toronto. CLOSES Mon. Dec 17, 2018

Agente ou agent des reslations de trevail (soutien) - ONA - Lieu: Ottawa. CLOSES Lun. Dec 17, 2018

Regional Political Communications Officer (Atlantic) - PSAC - Location: Halifax. CLOSES: Mon. 17 Dec, 2018 1530 EST

Administrative Assistant to the Executive Office - PSAC - Location Ottawa. CLOSES: Mon. Dec 17, 2018 1530 EST

Grievance and Adjudication Officer - PSAC - Location: Ottawa. CLOSES: Wed. 19 Dec, 2018 1530 EST

Dues & Membership Processing Clerk - ONA - Location: Toronto. CLOSES: Wed. 19 Dec, 2018

Secretary, Regional Office - Vancouver - PSAC - Location: Vancouver. CLOSES: Thur. Dec 20, 2018 1530 EST

Labour Relations Assistant (Legal Expenses Assistance Plan) - ONA - Location: Toronto. CLOSES: Thur. Dec. 20, 2018

Labour Relations Officer (Legal Expenses Assistance Plan)  - ONA - Location: Toronto. CLOSES: Thur. Dec. 20, 2018



Senior Officer (New Media) - CUPE National. Location: Ottawa. CLOSES: Fri., Nov. 30 2018

Agente ou agent principal (nouveaux médias) - SCFP. Situé à Ottawa. DATE LIMITE: Ven. le 30 nov. 2018

Labour Relations Officer (Health and Safety) - ONA. Location: Toronto.  CLOSES: Fri Nov 30, 2018

Labour Relations Officer (Economist, Labour Market Research, Collective Agreement Analysis) - ONA. Location: Toronto Closes:  Fri. Nov 30, 2018

Executive Assistant (Professional Relations Service) - ETFO. Location: Toronto. CLOSES: Mon. Dec 3, 2018 1700 EST

Representation Case Administrator - PSAC. Location: Ottawa. CLOSES: Tues. Dec 4, 2018 1530 EST

Alternate Dispute Officer (Women) - PSAC. Location: Ottawa. CLOSES: Thurs. Dec 6, 2018 1530 EST 

Assistant to the REVP - PSAC. Location: Vancouver. CLOSES: Fri. Dec 7, 2018 1530 EST

Regional Representative - PSAC. Location: Ottawa. CLOSES: Fri. Dec 7, 2018 1530 EST

Regional Representative - PSAC. Location: Gatineau. CLOSES: Fri. Dec 7, 2018 1530 EST