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Ottawa miniconference - presentation information

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Media relations with Alyssa O’Dell

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives is one of the few voices in Canada that turns right-wing economic thinking on its head, and no one does more than them to get their message into the national media sphere. Alyssa O’Dell is one of the woman behind the CCPA’s media success. In this workshop, she’ll offer ideas and tools that you can use to leverage media coverage to bring attention to a campaign or issue your union is facing.

Bâtir un mouvement de résistance face aux conservateurs avec Anne-Marie Roy

De l’Alberta à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, des gouvernements conservateurs sont au pouvoir et s’attaquent aux droits des travailleurs/lleuses et à nos services publics. Cet atelier nous permettra de réfléchir à ce que nous pouvons faire pour bâtir un mouvement de résistance pour défendre le syndicalisme et nos services publics de façon efficace et durable. 

Creative Direct Action with Chelsea Flook

How can we creatively resist attacks on workers rights in a way that engages people where they’re at and employs a range of tactics that are fun and empowering? Through creative actions! This workshop will look at creative actions and tactics, how they were used and why, and will help get those creative juices flowing. Stepping outside the “big labour rally at the legislature” can be scary, but this workshop will discuss why creative actions are needed to escalate the fight against austerity.

Perfecting and placing your Op-Eds with Amira Elghawaby

Everybody is doing it — sharing their opinions on every possible topic under the sun. Whether on social media, or by the water cooler, everyone has a perspective. Join us for a workshop on how to craft commentary pieces that get your viewpoints out into the world and everyone talking about them.

Maximizing a basic website with Chris Lawson
Smaller unions with a skeleton crew are expected to do so much to maintain, expand and promote their union’s communications. It can take it’s toll on volunteer or part-time staff who are stretched to the limit. This workshop will examine ways to maximize your website and social media channels when your resources and time is limited.

Writing Speeches to be Spoken with Kevin Matthews
Drawing on Kevin’s experience writing for spoken-word performance, combined with the rhetorical idiom of the labour movement, participants will create, perform, and critique speeches designed to resonate and mobilize. We’ll try to go beyond our usual rhetorical habits and start to craft a speech informed by how it sounds in the moment, and not just how it looks on paper.

Understanding Canada’s partisan news ecosystem with Nora Loreto
From Ontario Proud to North99, from the National Meme Board of Canada to Press Progress — who operates what site, and for which purpose? Nora will map the partisan news ecosystem with an eye to what it all means for progressive labour activsts as we stare down the federal election.

Understanding your DSLR – basic photography for rallies and events with Ben Powless

Strong movements need strong imagery! This workshop will aim to accommodate all levels of photography skills to produce better, more engaging images that help you tell your story. Please bring a camera – whether it’s a DSLR or your phone. Also feel free to bring/bookmark some of your own photos that we can discuss how we might improve them.

Pourquoi la balado est-elle le meilleur média pour rassembler une communauté engagée? avec Zoé Gagnon-Paquin

What are the best social media practices right now? with Katie Raso

FB5 and new Twitter are changing how we reach our audiences and interact with the broader public. So now what? In this workshop we will dive in to the changing social media landscape, explore best practices for getting the most out of your digital presence in 2019, and learn time-tested strategies for building authentic online that delivers results.


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Anne-Marie Roy travaille pour l’Association des professeur.e.s de l’Université d’Ottawa comme agente des communications et de la recherche. Son travail d’organisation politique a commencé dans le mouvement étudiant avec la Fédération étudiante de l’Université d’Ottawa et la Fédération canadienne des étudiantes et étudiants. Elle s’implique dans le mouvement des travailleurs.euses dans sa communauté en soutenant la campagne pour un salaire minimum à 15 dollars de l’heure et pour l’équité en milieu de travail, et en bâtissant des coalitions pour protéger nos services publics.

Alyssa O’Dell is the national Media and Public Relations Coordinator for the CCPA. She previously worked in local newsrooms across the country, and as a political reporter and Press Gallery member on Parliament Hill during the transition between the Harper and Trudeau governments. Telling stories that matter and breaking into challenging media environments is her specialty. Alyssa holds a Bachelor’s of Journalism from Carleton University, and in her spare time, can be found hiking and biking through the Ottawa Valley.

Amira Elghawaby is a journalist and human rights advocate. Along with frequent appearances on Canadian and international news networks, Amira has written and produced stories and commentary for CBC Radio, the Ottawa Citizen, the Toronto Star, the Literary Review of Canada, and the Globe and Mail.  Before joining the Canadian Labour Congress where she is the national representative for digital communications, Amira spent five years promoting the civil liberties of Canadian Muslims as human rights officer and later, as director of communications, at the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM). Amira obtained an honours degree in Journalism and Law from Carleton University in 2001.

Ben Powless is a Kanien’kehá:ka and Anishnabek writer and photographer, currently living in Ottawa. He has a degree in Human Rights, Indigenous and Environmental Studies from Carleton University. He was a co-founder of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition and has worked with the Indigenous Environmental Network and Ecology Ottawa on climate change and Indigenous rights advocacy.

Chelsea Flook recently relocated to Ottawa to work at CUPE National in their digital communications department. Prior to that she worked at the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees’ Union in their communications department. She may or may not have organized a flotilla of canoes through the Sask Party Premier’s golf tournament one year in protest of a severe austerity budget.

Chris Lawson spent 24 years working in communications for various national unions before heading out on his own as a digital strategist and website producer. He is a former executive and president of CALM. He’s based in Ottawa.

Katie Raso is a community organizer turned communications professional specializing in knowledge translation (or, as she explains at parties, making pictures about research for the internet). She has an MA in Communication from Simon Fraser University and over ten years of experience designing digital campaigns for progressive causes.

Nora Loreto is CALM’s editor. She writes regulary for the National Observer and the Washington Post, and is obsessed with how disinformation spreads online.

Zoé Gagnon-Paquin a à son actif la production de plus de cinquante projets de podcasts produits par Magnéto et diffusés au Québec, en France et en Belgique, ainsi que la réalisation de séries podcasts pour Radio-Canada et CKIA FM. Elle donne régulièrement des formations sur le podcast à l’université, au collégial, pour des maisons de production ainsi qu’auprès du grand public. Ayant fait des études en philosophie (Université McGill), Zoé apprécie particulièrement quand son travail l’amène à clarifier des idées et à articuler des définitions précises. Avant de fonder Magnéto, elle connaît une carrière comme organisatrice syndicale et animatrice radio. Parmi ses distinctions, elle siège de 2010 à 2012 au Conseil général de la FTQ et est membre depuis 2017 du Conseil d’administration de Culture Montréal. Elle remporte le prix Arista 2018 du Jeune entrepreneur culturel de l’année pour la fondation de Magnéto.