federal budget

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Mar 23, 2017
CALM Editor Nora Loreto searched for media releases from all CALM members who are national unions, and whose media releases were available. She pulled the most prominent or substantive comment from each release, and tried to capture the most important argument the union published. To add your union...
Mar 30, 2016
The Liberals' new budget promises a much-needed funding boost to a range of Canadian initiatives and sectors. Here are the new investments rated according to a budget wish list from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). Strategic infrastructure investment Over the next five years, $11.9 billion is...
Mar 17, 2016
Early next week, the federal Liberal government will table their first budget. This is an historic opportunity for our government to respond to the jobs crisis, while also beginning to repair services and programs that Canadians rely on. Working Canadians and their families are facing a precarious...