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International labour links

AFL-CIO Washington, D.C.
GMPIU Glass, Molders, Pottery, Plastic and Allied Workers
Internet Confederation of Free Trade Unions Brussels, Belgium
Labornet San Francisco, California
New Zealand Public Service Association Wellington, New Zealand
The Newpaper Guild, Washington, D.C.
Retail Worker Union Labour Organizing News and Information
TUC Trades Union Congress, the British equivalent of Canadian Labour Congress
UNISON Britain's largest union
United Auto Workers Detroit, Michigan
United Food and Commercial Workers Washington D.C.
United Transportation Union Cleveland, Ohio Community Action, Social Coalitions
International Labor Communications Association, professional organization of labor communicators in the U.S.
Labornet San Francisco-based Institute for Global Communications, includes Strike Page
The Labour Research Department (LRD) independent, trade union based research organization (UK)
LabourStart service provided by Labour and Society International
Union Communications Services U.S.-based labour news and graphics service
Union Resource Network U.S.-based service with labour news and links

Independent national news Independent news for the rest of us Canada's grassroots, democractic, co-operative media
Canadian Dimension For people who want to change the world
OurTimes Canada's Independent Labour Magazine
Straight Goods Canada's independent, reader- supported, on-line source of news you can use
Briarpatch Independent magaizne covering labour, political, social issues.
Working TV Vancouver, BC -- web site for labour television show


Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Ottawa, ON
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Ottawa, ON
Canadian Women's Internet Directory
Centre for Social Justice Toronto, ON
Institute for Work and Health Ontario-based health and safety research institute
MediaWatch, Toronto, ON
Metro Network for Social Justice Toronto, ON
National Action Committee Toronto, ON
Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Don Mills, ON
Ontario Workers' Arts and Heritage Centre Hamilton, ON
Ontario Workers' Health and Safety Centre Toronto, ON
Sweatgear U.S. campaign against garment sweat shops
Web Networks, Community Resource Centre network community host
Public Response, ON
United Way Ottawa ON


AESES newsletter
ACTRA magazine
AMAPCEO newsletter
AUPE newsletter 
BCNU Update magazine
BCTGM newsletter
BCGEU The Provincial newsletter
BCIT newsletters
UFCW Local 832 Union magazine newsletter
CAPE newsletter
CUPE Alberta Voice newsletter
CUPE Local 101 newsletter
CUPE Local 374 Muni newsletter
CUPE Local 500 Communications newsletter
CUPE Local 998 Livewire newsletter
CUPE publications
​CAUSA newsletter
CAUT Bulletin newsletter
CMAW newsletter
Edmonton and District Labour Council Labour reporter
Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario Voice magazine
Hospital Employees Union Guardian Guardian magazine
Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals newsletter
The Manitoba Teachers Society Manitoba Teacher
NASA University of Alberta publications
Ottawa and District Labour Council newsletter
OSSTF Education Watch
Professional Employees Union The Professional
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses Contact Newsletter
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Labour Reporter
SEIU West Frontlines newsletter
United Food and Commercial Workers Directions Newsletter
Unifor Uniforum newsletter
Unifor Local 1106 newsletter
Unifor Local 112 Aircrafter newsletter
Unifor Local 1524 newsletter
Unifor Local 222 Oshaworker newsletter
Union of Taxation Employees newsletter
University of Guelph Faculty Association newsletters
Yukon Employees Union news