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ACTRA Toronto

Airline Central Lodge 2323 IAMAW

Alberta Federation of Labour

Alberta Union of Provincial Employees

Alward, Jason


Assoc. of Allied Health Professionals NL

Association of Administrative & Professional Staff

Association of Employees Supporting Educational Services

Association of Part-Time Professors at University of Ottawa

B.C. Nurses' Union

Barrie Labour Council

BC Building Trades

BC Teachers Federation


BCIT Faculty and Staff Association

Berson, Joshua

Bridge Communications

Brock University Faculty Association

Canadian Association of University Teachers

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

Canadian Federation of Students

Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario

Canadian Freelance Union

Canadian Labour Congress

Canadian Union of Postal Workers CUPW

Carleton University Academic Staff Association

Compensation Employees Union

Confédération des Syndicats Nationaux - CSN


CUPE 1615

CUPE 2424 - Carleton U Support Staff Association

CUPE 2544

CUPE 4967


CUPE Communications

CUPE Local 101

CUPE Local 1091

CUPE Local 15

CUPE Local 1975

CUPE Local 2081

CUPE Local 23 - Burnaby Civic Employees

CUPE Local 2950

CUPE Local 3287

CUPE Local 380

CUPE Local 3902

CUPE Local 3903

CUPE Local 3904

CUPE Local 3906

CUPE Local 3911

CUPE Local 3912

CUPE Local 402

CUPE Local 403 - Langley Township Municipal Workers

CUPE Local 4207

CUPE Local 474

CUPE Local 500

CUPE Local 5167

CUPE Local 561

CUPE Local 728

CUPE Local 905

CUPE Local 947

CUPE New Brunswick

CUPE Saskatchewan

CUPW Vancouver Local

CUPW Winnipeg Local

Durham Regional Labour Council

Edmonton & District Labour Council

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Faculty Association of Grant Macewan University

Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC

Glasner, Kelley

Grain and General Service Union

Hamilton & District Labour Council

Health Sciences Assocation of Saskatchewan

Health Sciences Association of Alberta

Hospital Employees' Union

IATSE Local 891

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2034

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 258

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 353

International Union of Operating Engineers 115

Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals

Manitoba Teachers Society


Nova Scotia Federation of Labour

Nova Scotia Union of Public and Private Employees

NUPGE Communications

Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations

Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association

Ontario Federation of Labour

Ontario Nurses Association

Ontario Public Service Staff Union (OPSSU)

Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba


OPSEU In Solidarity

OPSEU Local 110

OPSEU Local 125

OPSEU Local 232

OPSEU Local 240

OPSEU Local 242

OPSEU Local 365

OPSEU Local 415 - Algonquin College

OPSEU Local 416

OPSEU Local 464

OPSEU Local 543

OPSEU Local 556

OPSEU Local 558

OPSEU Local 562 - Humber College

OPSEU Local 575

OSSTF D19 Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit

Ottawa & District Labour Council

Ottawa Newspaper Guild

PBI Actuarial Consultants

PEI Union of Public Sector Employees

Peterborough District Labour Council

Professional Employees Association


Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 2

Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 9


Saskatchewan Federation of Labour

Saskatchewan General Employees Union

Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Saskatoon and DLC

SEIU Healthcare


Service Employees International Union - NS

Society of United Professionals

Sudbury & District Labour Council

Syndicat des charge(es) de cours de l'UQO - CSN

Teamsters Local 213

Teamsters Local Union No. 31

The NOW Group

Thistle Printing

Toronto Public Library Workers' Union Local 4948

U of A Non Academic Staff Association

UFCW 1400

UFCW 1518

UFCW 401

UFCW Local 1006A

UFCW Local 175 & 633

UFCW Local 832

Unifor 240

Unifor FFAW

UNIFOR Local 1-S

Unifor Local 10-B

Unifor Local 1106

Unifor Local 112

Unifor Local 114

Unifor Local 1285

Unifor Local 199

Unifor Local 2002

Unifor Local 2169

Unifor Local 222

Unifor Local 2301

Unifor Local 27

Unifor Local 414

UNIFOR Local 4304

UNIFOR Local 444

Unifor Local 52A

Unifor Local 5555

Unifor Local 592

Unifor Local 594

Unifor Local 649

Unifor Local 707-A

Unifor Local 88

Unifor National

Union Communications

Union of Canadian Transportation Employees

Union of Northern Workers

Union of Safety and Justice Employees

Union of Taxation Employees

United Nurses of Alberta

United Way Labour Participation

University of Guelph Faculty Association

University of Manitoba Faculty Association

University of Regina Faculty Association

University of Toronto Faculty Association

USW Local 1595

USW Local 1998

USW Local 2918

USW Local 9705

Workers' Action Centre

York University Faculty Association

Yukon Employees Union