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Member Website
ACTRA Toronto http://www.actratoronto.com/
Airline Central Lodge 2323 IAMAW http://iamaw2323.ca/
Alberta Federation of Labour http://www.afl.org/
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees www.aupe.org
Alward, Jason www.verge.ca
Assoc. of Allied Health Professionals NL https://aahp.ca/
Association of Administrative & Professional Staff (AAPS) http://www.aaps.ubc.ca/
Association of Employees Supporting Educational Services http://aeses.ca/
Association of Part-Time Professors at University of Ottawa http://www.aptpuo.ca/en/
Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa
B.C. Nurses' Union https://www.bcnu.org/
BC Building Trades www.bcbuildingtrades.org
BCIT Faculty and Staff Association https://www.bcitfsa.ca/
Berson, Joshua http://www.bersonphoto.com/
Bridge Communications Inc.  
Brock University Faculty Association https://www.bufa.ca/
Campaign Gears
Canadian Association of University Teachers https://www.nursesunions.ca/
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions www.nursesunions.ca
Canadian Federation of Students
Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario
Canadian Freelance Union http://www.canadianfreelanceunion.ca/
Canadian Labour Congress http://canadianlabour.ca/
Canadian Union of Postal Workers CUPW http://www.cupw.ca/
Carleton University Academic Staff Association http://www.cuasa.ca/
Compensation Employees Union https://ceu.bc.ca/
CUPE 2424 - Carleton U Support Staff Association http://2424.cupe.ca/
CUPE Communications http://cupe.ca
CUPE Local 101 http://101.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 1091 https://cupelocal1091.com/
CUPE Local 15 http://www.cupe15.org/
CUPE Local 1615 https://1615.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 1750 https://oceu.ca/
CUPE Local 1975 https://1975.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 2081 https://2081.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 23 - Burnaby Civic Employees http://cupe23.ca/
CUPE Local 2599  
CUPE Local 2950 http://www.cupe2950.ca/
CUPE Local 2977 https://cupe2977.com/
CUPE Local 37 https://cupe37.ca/
CUPE Local 374 https://cupe374.ca/
CUPE Local 3902 http://cupe3902.org/
CUPE Local 3903 http://3903.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 3904 https://cupe3904.ca/
CUPE Local 3906 https://cupe3906.org/
CUPE Local 3911 https://www.cupe3911.com/
CUPE Local 3912 http://3912.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 402 http://402.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 403 / Langley Township Municipal Workers http://www.cupe403.ca/
CUPE Local 41 https://41.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 4207 https://4207.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 474 http://474cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 4967 https://4967.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 500 http://www.cupe500.mb.ca/
CUPE Local 5167 http://cupe5167.org/
CUPE Local 561 http://www.cupe561.ca/
CUPE Local 728 www.cupe728.ca
CUPE Local 829 https://829.cupe.ca/
CUPE Local 905 http://www.cupe905.com/
CUPE Local 947 http://947.cupe.ca/
CUPE New Brunswick https://nb.cupe.ca/
CUPE Saskatchewan http://sk.cupe.ca/
CUPE-Vancouver Island District Council https://vidc.cupe.ca/
CUPW Edmonton Local https://www.cupw.ca/en/edmonton
CUPW Vancouver Local https://www.cupw.ca/en/vancouver
CUPW Winnipeg Local https://www.cupw.ca/en/winnipeg
Edmonton & District Labour Council https://www.edmontonlabour.ca/
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario http://www.etfo.ca/
Faculty Association of Grant Macewan University https://www.macewanfa.ca/
Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC https://www.fpse.ca/
Glasner, Kelley http://www.zelos.ca/
Hamilton & District Labour Council http://hamiltonlabour.ca/
Health Sciences Association of Alberta http://www.hsaa.ca/
Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan www.hsas.ca
Hospital Employees' Union http://www.heu.org/
IATSE Local 891 http://www.iatse.com/
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2034 http://www.ibew2034.com/
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 353 http://www.ibew353.org/
International Union of Operating Engineers 115 https://www.iuoe115.ca/
Laurentian University Faculty Association / Association Professeurs de l'Université Laurentienne www.lufappul.ca
Macewan Staff Association https://macewanstaff.ca/
Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals (MAHCP) http://mahcp.ca/
Manitoba Teachers Society http://www.mbteach.org/
MoveUP http://moveuptogether.ca/
MUNACA https://www.munaca.com/
New Brunswick Union of Public and Private Employees www.nbu.ca
Nova Scotia Union of Public and Private Employees http://www.nsupe.ca/
NSGEU https://nsgeu.ca/
NUPGE Communications http://www.nupge.ca
Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations http://ocufa.on.ca
Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association www.catholicteachers.ca
Ontario Federation of Labour http://www.ofl.fto.on.ca/
Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) http://www.ona.org/
Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba http://oetim.com/
OPSEU In Solidarity  
OPSEU Local 110 http://www.opseu110.ca/
OPSEU Local 240 https://www.opseu240.ca/
OPSEU Local 242 - Faculty Union at Niagara College https://local242.ca/
OPSEU Local 365 https://www.opseu365.com/
OPSEU Local 415 - Algonquin College http://www.Locallines.org/
OPSEU Local 416 http://opseu416.ca/
OPSEU Local 556 http://www.opseu556.org/
OPSEU Local 558 http://www.opseu558.org/
OPSEU Local 575  
OPSEU Local 720 https://local720.wordpress.com/
Ottawa & District Labour Council http://www.ottawalabour.org/
Ottawa Newspaper Guild http://ottawanewsguild.ca/
PEI Union of Public Sector Employees http://www.peiupse.ca/
Peterborough and District Labour Council https://ptbolabour.ca/
Professional Employees Association http://www.pea.org/
PSAC Local 901 http://psac901.org/
Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 2 http://ppwclocal2.com/about/
Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 9 http://www.ppwcLocal9.com
Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) http://psacunion.ca/
Regina & District Labour Council https://www.reginalabour.ca/
RWDSU Communications https://www.rwdsu.info/
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour http://www.sfl.sk.ca/
Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union SGEU http://www.sgeu.org/
Saskatchewan Union of Nurses http://sun-nurses.sk.ca/
SEIU Healthcare (Local 1) http://www.seiuhealthcare.ca/
SEIU Local 2 Branch NS  
SEIU West http://www.seiuwest.ca/
Society of United Professionals - IFPTE 160 https://www.thesociety.ca/
Sudbury & District Labour Council http://sudburylabour.ca/
Syndicat des chargé(es) de cours de l'UQO - CSN www.sccc-uqo.ca
Teamsters Local 213 http://www.teamsters213.org/
Teamsters Local Union No. 31 http://www.teamsters31.ca/
The NOW Group http://www.nowgroup.com/
Thistle Printing http://thistleprinting.com/
Toronto Public Library Workers' Union Local 4948 http://Local4948.org/
U of A Non Academic Staff Association https://www.nasa.ualberta.ca/
UFCW 1400 http://ufcw1400.ca/
UFCW Local 1006A http://www.ufcw1006a.ca/
UFCW Local 1518 https://www.ufcw1518.com/
UFCW Local 175 & 633 http://www.ufcw175.com/
UFCW Local 401 https://gounion.ca/
UFCW Local 832 http://www.ufcw832.com/
Unifor FFAW http://ffaw.nf.ca/
Unifor Local 10-B http://UNIFOR10b.org/
Unifor Local 1106 https://unifor1106.ca/
Unifor Local 1119 http://unifor1119.com/
Unifor Local 112 http://www.UNIFOR112.ca/
Unifor Local 114 http://www.unifor114.com/
Unifor Local 1285 http://UNIFORLocal1285.ca/
Unifor Local 199 https://unifor199.org/
Unifor Local 1-S http://www.uniforlocal1s.ca/
Unifor Local 2002 http://www.UNIFOR2002.org/
Unifor Local 2169 http://UNIFOR2169.ca/index.html
Unifor Local 2301 http://www.unifor2301.org/
Unifor Local 240 http://uniforlocal240.ca/
Unifor Local 26 http://www.unifor26.org/
Unifor Local 4304 unifor4304.org
Unifor Local 52A http://UNIFORLocal52a.com/
Unifor Local 5555 https://unifor5555.ca/
Unifor Local 592 http://Local592.blogspot.ca/
Unifor Local 594 http://www.unifor594.com/
Unifor Local 649 http://unifor649.org/
Unifor Local 673 https://uniforlocal673.org/en
Unifor Local 88 http://UNIFOR88.ca/
Unifor National http://www.UNIFOR.org/
Union Communications http://www.unioncommunications.ca/
Union of Canadian Transportation Employees https://www.ucte.ca/
Union of Northern Workers http://www.unw.ca/
Union of Safety and Justice Employees http://www.usge-sesg.com/en
Union of Taxation Employees https://www.ute-sei.org/en
United Nurses of Alberta https://www.una.ab.ca/
United Utility Workers' Association http://www.uuwac.org/
United Way Centraide of North East Ontario / Nord-est de l'Ontario http://uwcneo.com/
Unity Communications https://www.unitycommunications.ca/
University of Guelph Faculty Association http://www.ugfa.ca/
University of Manitoba Faculty Association www.umfa.ca
University of Regina Faculty Association http://www.urfa.ca/
University of Toronto Faculty Association https://www.utfa.org/
USW Local 1998 https://www.usw1998.ca/
USW Local 9705 https://usw9705.com/
Workers' Action Centre https://workersactioncentre.org/
York University Faculty Association http://www.yufa.org/
Yukon Employees Union http://yeu.ca/