St. John's Mini Conference

Join CALM in St. John's, Friday April 3, 2020 9:00 - 4:00 pm
NAPE Offices
330 Portugal Cove Pl, St. John's.

Lunch is included. All delegates are invited to send CALM their latest newsletter or magazine for a critique from CALM's editor.

Confirmed Workshops (of eight)

  • Media interview role playing
  • 101 ways to influence a journalist
  • Easy ways to perfect your writing
  • Smartphone photography
  • Getting the most out of Facebook
  • Taking good protest videos with your smartphone

Workshops will be added as they are confirmed, check back for details!

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Workshop descriptions

Media interview role playing with Nora Loreto
In this fun and interactive workshop, you will learn how to do an effective interview. All participants will have the chance to be interviewed in front of their peers. It's fun, don't worry!

101 ways to influence a journalist with Nora Loreto
Sure, you know the basics but what are the more creative ways that you can use to influence a journalist? Nora Loreto will go through almost 101 ways to get a journalist's attention to arm you with ways to get your message out and rise above the noise.

Smartphone photography with Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith will explain the theory behind taking good pictures, and how to get the most out of your smart phones. He will explain composition, lighting and other factors that you need to work with to produce a wonderful photo.

Getting the most out of Facebook with Virginia Ridley
Facebook seems to be constantly changing: do you find it hard to keep up? In this workshop, Virginia Ridley will examine emerging Facebook trends and offer ideas about how you can get the most out of everyone's favourite/least favourite platform.