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2020 Awards Judges


Broadcast categories

Rob Rousseau

Rob Rousseau is a writer and podcast host from Montreal, Quebec. He is the host and producer of popular Canadian politics podcast 49th Parahell, as well as a new show covering the United States presidential election, The Insurgents. A former professional musician, he has experience working with world-class audio engineers and producers at state-of-the-art studios around the world. His writing has appeared in publications like Paste Magazine, Vice, and Passage.

English writing categories

Emily Leedham

Emily Leedham is an independent labour journalist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is an editor at RankandFile.ca and hosts a week labour news podcast Rank & File Radio - Prairie Edition. Her work has also appeared in Vice, Briarpatch, Canadian Dimension.

Écriture en français

Émilie Nicolas

Online categories

Erica Ifill

Design categories

Paige Galette



2019 CALM Award winners


1. Ed Finn Award for excellence in writing for print


Winner: Staff produced - AUPE  "Keep it clean" by Maryn Edwards

Honourable mention: Staff produced - HSAA  "Refugee family living ordinary dream" by Terry Inigo-Jones

Winner: Volunteer produced - OPSEU Local 242 "Beyond #Metoo" by Shannon Macrae

Honourable mention: Volunteer produced - SEIU-West "Humboldt strong" by Teegan Hunter


2. Best photograph


Winner: Staff Produced - PSAC


Honourable mention: Staff produced SEIU-Healthcare

Winner: Volunteer Produced - British Columbia Teachers' Federation, "The Knowledge Keepers Project"

Honourable mention: Volunteer produced - Unifor 1S

3. The Freeperson Award for best cartoon, illustration or infographic

Winner: Staff produced - CSN


Honourable mention: Unifor "The real cost of news"

Winner - Volunteer produced - BCTF - "My inclusion is..."

Honourable mention - Volunteer produced SCCC-UQO 

4. Morden Lazarus Prize for best editorial, column, or opinion piece that thoughtfully argues labour’s position on an issue


Winner: Hospital Employees' Union "Firing front-line workers no solution to recruitment" by Jennifer Whiteside

Honourable Mention: Manitoba Teachers' Society "'Twas the night before New Year's" by George Stephenson"


5. The Cliff Scotton Prize for narrative, video, audio or visual that reflects history, traditions and culture of the labour movement


Winner: AUPE "AUPE Comics"


6. The Fighting Oppression Award for a communications initiative that raises consciousness and contributes to struggles against racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and other forms of oppression and discrimination.


Winner: Unifor Workers with DisAbilities building our Union


7. Best campaign – can be produced by an ad agency - that exposes an anti-union or anti-social practice.


Winner: Best local campaign - volunteer produced - Cupe 3902 - Sick of Racism
Winner: Best local campaign - staff or agency produced - Hospital Employees Union - "Stop the mass layoffs at Lakeshore and Madison"
Winner: Best provincial or national campaign - HSAA - Ambulance Services
Honourable Mention: Best provincial or national campaign - NUPGE, Unions F@#K Yeah!


8. The Katie FitzRandolph Award for best overall regular print publication                  


Winner: Staff produced - UFCW 1518 - Summer Update

Winner: Volunteer produced - OPSEU Local 242: In/Sol

Le Prix Katie-FitzRandolph pour la meilleure publication imprimée - CSN  - Le Point syndical

9. Rosemarie Bahr award for excellence in print layout and design in regular print publication


Winner: Staff produced - AUPE - Direct Impact
Winner: Volunteer produced - USW 1998 - 20th Anniversary Steel Drum


Honourable mention: Volunteer produced - OPSEU - In Solidarity


10. Meilleur article dʼopinion, de nouvelles ou dossier thématique


Gagnante:  CSN - "Des morceaux de notre histoire" - Perspectives CSN - Louis-Serge Houle

Mention honorable: CSN - "Tous dans le même bateau" - Perspectives CSN - Mathieu Murphy-Perron

Mention honorable: SCCC-UQO - "Serons-nous radicaux ou conciliants? - Nicholas Harvey


11. Best short video, made for TV broadcast or online distribution.


Winner: CSN - En route vers le respect

Honourable Mention: SEIU Healthcare - Team up for healthcare


12. Best narrative video, or video series documentary


Winner: PSAC - Here for Canada

Honourable Mention: Unifor - Save Local Media


13. Best audio production: radio ad, podcast.

Winner: SGEU: Radio Ad for Where the money didn't go


14. Best hard copy promotional material

Winner: SGEU - Golf Balls



Honourable mention: PSAC - Red Dress Campaign

15. Dennis McGann Stroke-of-Genius Award for the most unusual, innovative, novel communications project.


Winner: PSAC - The Heat is on: https://psacunion.ca/the-heat-is-on


16. Best Poster


Winner: Staff produced - CUPW


Winner: Volunteer produced - CUPW

17. Best membership mobilization material

Winner: AUPE - Bargaining Campaign - Dear Management: https://www.facebook.com/yourAUPE/photos/a.10150217340905970/10156233220790970/?type=3&theater


Honourable mention: MoveUP Stop the blood ban

Honourable mention: UFCW 1518 Z-Card

18. Best website content


Winner: Staff produced - SGEU - SellingSaskatchewan.ca
Winner: Volunteer produced - CUPE 3902 - Sick of racism



19. Best website redesign


Winner: Staff produced: SEIU West
Winner: Volunteer produced:  Unifor Local 199


20. Most innovative online tool


Winner: SGEU - SaskLiquorPricing App



21. Best use of social media by a union


Winner: Staff -  Unifor


Winner: Volunteer - CUPE 2424






CALM 2018 Awards judges

2019 awards judges - les juges des prix 2019


Writing categories (English)

Vicky Mochama

Vicky Mochama is a podcaster and columnist. She was the national columnist for Metro News where she wrote on race, gender and Canadian politics.  She has also written columns for the Toronto Star and Flare Magazine. She is also a humour writer and a co-author of the best-selling Canadaland Guide to Canada. Her writing has been published in the Globe and Mail, TVO, NOW magazine and CBC.ca. (Photo credit Eduardo Lima)


Les catégories écrits (français)

Paige Galette

Haïtienne, activiste et féministe, Paige Galette a toujours été passionnée des mouvements politiques qui luttent pour la justice sociale. Elle milite activement au sein de divers mouvements, tels que celui des femmes, des communautés francophones en situation minoritaire, de la communauté noire, de la communauté Queer, ainsi qu’au sein du mouvement syndical luttant pour un marché équitable. 

Nouvellement arrivée au Yukon après avoir vécu plusieurs années à Toronto, Paige a s'engage au sein de la communauté franco-yukonnaise, en travaillant pour l’épanouissement des filles et des femmes du Territoire en tant que Présidente du Conseil d’administration des EssentiElles.
Design categories

Samson Learn

Samson Learn is an east coast photographer with a knack for capturing emotions and candid moments. He's a dark rum drinking storyteller, motivated heavily by connecting with and documenting cherished events and memories for others. Samson loves tacos and travel, avoids crowds, and prefers a good ol' kitchen party over going out. You can find Samson wishing he had a dog and planning his dream house in the Annapolis Valley.


Broadcast categories

Amy Kishek

Amy Kishek is a Palestinian-Canadian podcast host, and labour lawyer. She works in-house for one of Canada's largest public sector unions. representing members and the union in matters of labour and human rights law before labour boards and arbitrators across the country. She has appeared before parliamentary committees and provides legal education seminars. Amy is the co-host of the Ottawa-based Bad and Bitchy podcast, an intersectional feminist podcast offering topical weekly takes on politics, social issues and pop culture, and has contributed opinion pieces to both local and national publications. Amy was previously a political staffer and has a master's degree in international political economy. Amy has worked with a number of organizations in federal lobbying and advocacy, including issues of unpaid internships and electing more women to federal politics. She embraces the label of social justice activist, has organized rallies and marches, and brings her feminism to her satirical writing at the Beaverton.


Online categories

Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons is a writer and organizer in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His writing on politics, history and labour has appeared in The CoastLabour/Le Travail, Vice Canada, rankandfile.ca, and various other outlets. Parsons is also the co-host of the award-winning politics podcast Dog Island. He works for the Nova Scotia Health Coalition where he helps communities fight for universal, public health care.




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