CALM Awards

2017 Awards Winners

Ed Finn Award for excellence in writing – Staff Produced

Honourable mention –  Health Services Association of Alberta
Honourable mention – Ontario Nurses Association: “Be aware and beware”

Excellence in writing – volunteer produced
United Steelworkers 1998

Best photo – staff produced:
HEU – Ottawa to launch National Inquiry – photo by Caelie Frampton. 

Honourable Mentions:
Best Technical: ACTRA Toronto, Cover Photo of Sarah Gadon
Best Show of Solidarity: UNIFOR, Truth & Reconciliation Now
Best Candid Capture:  CSN

Best photo – volunteer:
Unifor 88 

Honourable Mentions: Unifor 5555
Unifor 88

Best infographic – staff

Honourable Mentions:
SGEU – Keep Liquor Public by Chelsea Flook

Best infographic volunteer:
Unifor 5555

Honourable Mention:
Best Illustration: OECTA – Make America Great Again

Best editorial – ACTRA National
“Demolished Film Communities” Jonathan Torrens

Honourable Mention
OPSEU 110 – “Hamburger College” by Matt Ferrell

The Cliff Scotton Prize for a narrative, video, audio or visual that reflects history, traditions and culture of the labour movement
“The workers’ History Museum, 50 years of solidarity”

The Fighting Oppression Award
Local Lines on Getting Algonquin Jazan Campus out of Saudi Arabia

The Katie FitzRandolph Award for best overall regular print publication by staff
ACTRA Summer 2016

Honourable mention: HSAA Challenger magazine, 2016 Edition No. 4 

The Katie FitzRandolph Award for best overall regular print publication volunteer produced
OPSEU 415 Local Lines 

Le prix Katie FitzRandolph – CSN Perspectives 

Rosemarie Bahr award for excellence in print layout and design produced by staff
Winner: Perspectives – CSN

Honourable Mention: Union Voice Le Rassembleur

Rosemarie Bahr award for excellence in print layout and design produced by volunteer
Wellness @ Mac – Unifor 5555

Best local campaign by volunteers
UNIFOR 199: Seneca Strike

Best local campaign – staff or agency produced
ACTRA Toronto: Day of Action

Best Provincial or National Campaign
Thirsty For Justice – PSAC

Honourable mentions: AUPE, AUPE 40th Anniversary Campaign
Hospital Employees Union: “Care Can’t Wait”

Enjeu d’actualité dans lequel la pertinence syndicale est bien soulignée:
CSN – Équité salariale

Best short video: SEIU Healthcare – Age means strength

An Honourable Mention: PSAC AFPC – Demystifying MCS

Best narrative video: AUPE – Introduction to Workers’ History

Honorable mention: PSAC series on Grassy Narrows

Best audio production: PSAC – Make Good on Your Word Campaign

Best hard copy promotional material: HEU – Care Can’t Wait

Honourable mentions:
Best in recruitment: AMAPCEO

Honourable mentions:
Best in Graphics: ACTRA Directors Chair

Honourable mentions:
Best humanitarian campaign: STEELWool

Honourable mentions:
Best Show of Solidarity: PSCA – 50 years of Solidarity

Dennis McGann Stroke-of-Genius Award
Union of solicitor general employees:  Illuminating safety

Honourable mention:
USW Steelworkers 1998: Steelwool Campaign

Best Mobilization material
Répondre au Beau Frère – CSN

Honourable mention: AUPE, PWL Cold Lake Christmas Greetings Video and Card

Best Website – Staff Produced
Fix Phoenix Landing Page – PSAC

Best Website – volunteer produced:

Best Website Redesign staff produced:

Best Website Redesign volunteer produced:
CUPE 1091:

Most innovative online tool:

Best use of social media by a union -staff produced: HEU
Honourable mention: SGEU

Best use of social media by a union – volunteer produced:
UNIFOR 199 – Seneca Strike