1. Ed Finn Award for excellence in writing for print

Winner: Staff produced – UCTE 3-Part Series: “SOS Canadian Coast Guard and Search & Rescue was needed (Part 1)”, “Just who Was Responsible for Sea Rescues? (Part 2)”, and “Lack of Coast Guard Blamed for Tragedy in Fishing Boat Sinking (Part 3)”.

Winner: Volunteer produced – CUPW 730 “Winnipeg Pilgrimage of Hope for Reconciliation”

Honourable Mention: Ron Verzuh “A Crusading Voice for the Mining West: How the Rossland Evening World Served Militant Workers at the Turn of the 20th Century”

2. Best Photo

Okanagan Regional Librarians

Winner: Staff produced – Okanagan Regional Librarians by Professional Employees Association

Winner: Volunteer produced – CUPW 730 | Diane Hildebrandt

3. The Freeperson Award for best cartoon, illustration or infographic

Winner: Staff produced – CUPE 3902

Winner: Volunteer produced – SCCC-UQO

4. Morden Lazarus Prize for best editorial, column, or opinion piece that thoughtfully argues labour’s position on an issue

Winner: Alberta Federation of Labour “A Vote for the UCP Is a Vote for Wage Suppression”

5. The Cliff Scotton Prize for narrative, video, audio or visual that reflects history, traditions and culture of the labour movement

Winner (Tie): CUPW “Pushing the Envelope Book Sale Information”
Winner (Tie): IATSE Local 891 “IATSE 60th Anniversary”

6. The Fighting Oppression Award for a communications initiative that raises consciousness and contributes to struggles against racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and other forms of oppression and discrimination.

Winner: BC Teachers’ Federation “Teacher Takeover Edition”

7. Best campaign – can be produced by an ad agency

Winner: Best local campaign – Staff or agency produced – Labour Community Services Anti-Racism in Unions
Winner: Best local campaign – Volunteer produced – CUPE 3902 We Are UofT

Winner (Tie): Best provincial or national campaign – UFCW 832 Self-Reflect Before You Self-Check
Winner (Tie): Best provincial or national campaign – USJE Presumptive Injury

8. The Katie FitzRandolph Award for best overall regular print publication

Winner: Staff produced – BC Teachers’ Federation – Teacher Takeover Edition
Winner: Volunteer produced – USW 1998 – Spring Edition of Steel Drum
Winner: French – SCCC-UQO Convention collective du SCCC-UQO 2022-2025

9. Rosemarie Bahr award for excellence in print layout and design in regular print publication.

Winner: Staff produced – PSAC “Our Union Voice”
Winner: Volunteer produced – CUPW 730 “Inside Out”

10. Best opinion, news or feature story that demonstrates excellence in labour writing [FRENCH ONLY].

Winner: Staff produced – OSSTF “La lutte contre la privatisation des écoles est un combat de la classe ouvrière”
Winner: Volunteer produced – STTCSN Profil Membre

11. Best short video, made for TV broadcast or online distribution.

Winner: Hospital Employees’ Union – New HEU Members Video

12. Best narrative video, or video series documentary

Winner: SEIU Healthcare They Called Us Heroes

13. Best audio production: radio ad

Winner: UFCW 832 Self-Reflect Before You Self-Checkout

14. Best audio production: podcast

Winner: OPSEU/SEFPO The “S” Word

15. Best hard copy promotional material

Winner: Hospital Employees’ Union 2024 Priorities Report

16. Best Print Ad

Winner: UFCW 1518 Respect Retail Workers

17. Dennis McGann Stroke of Genius Award

Winner: UNA, for Local 307 Code Blue for Christmas

18. Best Poster

Winner: Staff produced – Hospital Employees’ Union

Winner: Volunteer produced – SCCC-UQO – A & B (tie)

19. Best membership mobilization material

Winner: SGEU Brought to You by the Labour Movement
Honourable Mention: UNIFOR National BIWOC Conference Video

20. Best website content

Winner: Staff produced – OPSEU/SEFPO Keep Health Care Public
Winner: Volunteer produced – CUPE 3902 We are U of T

21. Best website redesign

Winner: CFU – Canadian Freelance Union Website

22. Most innovative online tool

Winner: PSAC Join a Picket Line Near You

23. Best meme

Winner: AUPE

24. Best use of social media by a union

Winner: Staff produced – Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta (AASUA) | Twitter (X) | Instagram
Winner: Volunteer produced – CUPE 728 | Facebook | Twitter (X) | Instagram