CALM Awards

2021 Award Winners

1. Ed Finn Award for excellence in writing for print

Winner: Staff produced – Unifor “Ontario school bus drivers call for standardized COVID-19 Safety protocols”

Winner: Volunteer produced – CUPE 3906 “Executive Statement on Anti-Black Racism and Policing”

Honourable Mentions: CUPW 730 “How We Mobilized For COVID-19”, PSAC “UNE Multiculturalism Day”

2. Best Photo

Winner: Staff produced - Unifor "Ajax Dominion" by Kathleen O'Keefe

Winner: Volunteer produced - OPSEU 415 "At the meeting" by Judy Puritt

3. The Freeperson Award for best cartoon, illustration or infographic

Winner: Staff produced - CUPW "Black Lives Matter"

Winner: Volunteer produced - CUPE 3906 "Office hours"

4. Morden Lazarus Prize for best editorial, column, or opinion piece that thoughtfully argues labour’s position on an issue

Winner: CUPW 730 “May Day State of the Union” by Roland Scmidt

Honourable Mention: Unifor Toronto Star Op-ed “How to restore Canada’s Employment Insurance program” by Lana Payne

5. The Cliff Scotton Prize for narrative, video, audio or visual that reflects history, traditions and culture of the labour movement

Winner: HEU Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Project “It’s Part of Our History”

6. The Fighting Oppression Award for a communications initiative that raises consciousness and contributes to struggles against racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and other forms of oppression and discrimination.

Winners: CUPE 3906 Indigenous Solidarity Working Group & PIPSC’s Women in Science Initiative

7. Best campaign – can be produced by an ad agency

Winner: Best local campaign – Volunteer produced – Brock University Faculty Association “Build a better Brock Campaign”
Winner: Best local campaign – Staff or agency produced – Yukon Employees Union “Time out Yukon”
Winner: Best provincial or national campaign – Unifor “Dominion/Loblaws strike”

8. The Katie FitzRandolph Award for best overall regular print publication

Winner (staff produced): BCTF “Teacher”
Winner (volunteer produced): CUPW Local 730 “InsideOut”
Gagnant (French): USJE “Manuel des dirigeant-e-s de section locale”

9. Rosemarie Bahr award for excellence in print layout and design in regular print publication

Winner: (staff produced) – ETFO “ETFO Voice”
Winner: (volunteer produced) – CUPW Local 730 “InsideOut”

10. Best opinion, news or feature story that demonstrates excellence in labour writing [FRENCH ONLY].

Gagnant: UCTE Historique du congé de maternité & Unifor L’espoir en talents hauts

11. Best short video, made for TV broadcast or online distribution.

Winner: Unifor “How we saved Oshawa GM”
Honourable Mention: CUPE Saskatchewan “Stonger health care now”
Honourable Mention: FFAW “Fish harvesters play a critical role in science and conservation of the lobster fishery”
Honourable Mention: Federation of Post Secondary Educators “Indigenous Educators”
Honourable Mention: ATU 113 “On guard for you”

12. Best narrative video, or video series documentary

Winner: Federation of Post Secondary Educators “50 years of FPSE, a unique BC Experience”

13. Best audio production: radio ad, podcast.

Winner: Arts & Cultural Workers Union “The media co-op”
Honourable Mention: Hospital Employees Union “Thank you for doing your part”

14. Best hard copy promotional material

Winner: Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

Honourable Mention: Federation of Post Secondary Educators “#makeitfair”

15. Best Print Ad

Winner: Hospital Employees' Union

16. Dennis McGann Stroke of Genius Award

Winner: Unifor “Stage Ten Virtual Rally for Dominion Workers”

17. Best Poster

Winner: Staff produced - CUPW - Pride & Intersectionality

Winner: Volunteer produced - CUPW - Idle No More

18. Best membership mobilization material

Winner: Unifor “Covid heroes”

19. Best website content

Winner (staff produced): ATU 113
Winner (volunteer produced): CUPW 730 

20. Best website redesign

Winner (staff produced): UCTE
Winner (volunteer produced): Arts & Cultural Workers’ Union

21. Most innovative online tool

Winner: Saskatchewan Government & General Employees Unions Sask Liquor Pricing App

22. Best meme

Winner: CUPE 3906

23. Best use of social media by a union

Winner (staff produced): Hospital Employees Union
Winner (volunteer produced): CUPE 3906